It’s National Baby Safety Month and every Monday we will be sharing tips from the leaders in baby safety knowledge at JPMA. Today is all about Baby Safety on the Go – from strollers to carseats to carriers. Don’t forget to take last week’s Carseat Challenge! 

From carriers to car seats to strollers and more, there are a wide variety of products all parents and caregivers need to get baby out and about.  With more options available than ever before, there is quite a bit to consider when choosing the product best suited for you and your baby.

But, strollers and carriers are not just for taking your baby from point A to point B, they are a lifestyle choice! A stroller or carrier is a part of your image and a reflection of personal style, parenting style, and lifestyle. 

From travel systems and joggers to umbrellas and multiple seats, the possibilities are endless. With so many choices available today, selecting the right stroller can be a daunting task.

A stroller will be one of your most-used items so you must love everything about it. Again, think about what makes the most sense for your lifestyle. Do your research before you even visit the store. Comparison shop and talk to other parents about their recommendations. Manufacturer and retailer Web sites are also a great source of information

Don’t forget about dad! Most moms are the primary baby gear decision maker, but consider dads needs when selecting your stroller. Men focus on certain features like wheel design, steering, suspension, overall stroller height/feel, and sporty fashions, but above all, dad should also feel comfortable pushing your stroller.

Finally, keep in mind that one stroller may not serve all your needs. You may need more than one, especially as your baby grows and your needs and lifestyle changes. Whatever stroller you decide to add to your baby gear repertoire, will be the right one for you and your family and will surely provide many hours of enjoyment for you and your little one when out and about! So be sure to enjoy the ride!

When thinking about baby safety on the go, remember these guidelines for a safe outing:

  • All strollers come fitted with standard safety harness straps.
  • Use straps at all times, even if it’s a short trip.
  • Harness straps stop the child from climbing out of the seat and falling, and protects the child should the stroller tip over.
  • Safety straps should be used regardless of the child’s age.
  • Many strollers feature a five-point harness system, which features straps that secure over each shoulder, at both sides of the waist, and in the middle of the legs.
  • It is important to always use all straps, not just lap straps or shoulder straps alone.
  • If you use a soft carrier, select one made of a durable, washable fabric with sturdy, adjustable straps.
  • Read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions for use, age and weight recommendations.
  • Be sure baby’s weight is evenly distributed in the carrier and all safety straps are secured.
  • Check for ripped seams, sharp edges, and missing or loose snaps.
  • Always keep one hand on baby when tightening/loosening straps for any reason or taking baby out or putting baby in.

September is Baby Safety Month. Check out more safety tips at

Amy Chezem is JPMA’s Senior Communications Manager and Baby Safety Month Program Director. Amy has managed the Baby Safety Month program for nearly two decades and helped expand the program creating one of JPMA’s largest consumer education and awareness programs to date.


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