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Toddler Product Discovery: MyDrinky


When my oldest, Rory, was about a year old I signed up for Citrus Lane boxes – which is a subscription product discovery service.  In one of my monthly boxes, I got a juice box holder and I thought it was genius. Plus all the moms at the playdates were ooh’ing and ahh’ing in envy when […]

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Mompreneur Spotlight: Wendy Colson of Boobie Bar

Nurse Wendy

This week’s Mompreneur Feature: Wendy Colson of Boobie Bar – a convenient herbal lactation bar with the “right” herbs in the “right” dose. It contains an entire daily dose of milk-making ingredients in a single bar – saving nursing mamas from having to pop pills or brew tea all day. GG: How did you decide to launch your business? Tell […]

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ABCs of Pregnancy Problems: P is For Pimples (+ Belli giveaway!)


Today’s “Instagram Mom” presents pregnancy as a glowing, happy time in a woman’s life. Images of fingers making heart shapes over perfectly round bellies and super fashionable maternity OOTDs fill our feeds, making our ovaries cringe with joy. But let’s get real: from acne to ill-fitting clothing to a raging case of hemorrhoids, pregnancy is […]

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