Continuing with our Cause-Driven Registry with Nicole Ryan, this week we feature a different kind of mission with Owlet baby monitors. Owlet aims to create the highest quality product for the value, and ultimately envisions a day where every baby goes home from the hospital with a monitor like Owlet. It’s what they call the “car seat effect”…

40 years ago, nobody used a car seat when driving with their baby. Babies were held in laps. 40 years ago, about 400 babies died each year in car crashes. Obviously, that has totally changed today. You can’t leave the hospital without a car seat. Somebody came up with the idea of an infant safety seat, something convenient that also kept your baby safe.


When we look at babies who pass away due to breathing problems, it’s about 4,000 infants per year. This is 10x more of a problem than car seats ever solved. The occurrences of healthy infants passing away at home in the crib due to breathing issues is far too high, and many of these deaths are preventable.

Owlet is working toward a future where far fewer tragedies are happening to the infants we love so much. The ability to integrate medical technology in a baby sock is going to change that. Owlet wants to create a world where every baby comes home from the hospital with a health monitor like the Owlet sock. It just makes sense. Infant health monitoring will become standard, and Owlet will be a leader in that. Owlet can provide a platform that gathers and collects data of health in the home.


Enter to win an Owlet monitor here:
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