Adorable mama Morgan Suarez  is back for another fun babywearing workout post.  Today’s workout? Babywearing exercises you can do to work off that post-turkey tummy! You can follow Morgan on her blog or Instagram

Turkey day, oh, turkey day. We wait for you all year long. You’re filled with lots of laughter, family, memories, and, of course, food galore. You may be feeling stuffed to the brim with stuffing and turkey, so here’s a quick babywearing workout you can do to help you recover.

1. Warm up

Starting in a second position (legs apart, heels in, toes out), plie down with the knees tracking straight over the toes and tailbone in a neutral position (not the same as a squat), then stretch to the right and plie stretch to the left. Repeat this sequence 5 times each side.


Then, plie and twist reaching across the center plane 5 times each side.


Then, plie and reach to your right foot and plie and reach to your left foot. 5 times each side.


Plie and lift, using the arms by crossing the arms in front then opening the arms to the side as your lift.

42. Plie lunges

Using the second position still, plie, lift, then rotate to the right into a lunge. In your lunge make sure the knees are tracking straight over the toes and there’s a 90 degree angle in both knees. Repeat to the left. 5 times each side.


Then, staying in your lunge on the right, lift to a standing position, then lower into your lunge 10 times.


In your lunge, pulse up an inch and down an inch 10 times.


Then, tuck the hips forward and back, activating the glutes and using the abs to pull the hips forward 10 times.


Repeat entire sequence to the left.

3. Cookbook arms

Grab two cookbooks (or a regular book) of about the same weight, and stand with your legs in second position. Squeeze the elbows tight into your sides with palms facing up, and extend and bend the arms, flexing the bicep. Do this 20 times.


Then, extend the arms straight out to the side, then close the arms in front 20 times.


Plie down, the straighten the legs while lifting the book, press the book above your head, then lower and repeat 20 times.


4. Modified crunches

Place your feet flat on the ground with your arms extended out in front, lower back and lift 20 times.


Do the same movement with the right leg extended straight out, foot flexed, 20 times, and repeat with the left leg.


With arms extended to the front, lower back, lift the arms and the torso, the lower back down slowly with arms opening and rounding back in front. Repeat 20 times. The purpose of this exercise is to fight gravity with a slow and controlled movement. Don’t rush through this.


5. Arabesque

Hold onto something sturdy, like a chair or the back of a couch.

With feet in parallel, extend one leg straight back, standing leg slightly bent. Then lift the leg and lower 10 times.


20 tiny pulses.


Cross the leg behind, then lift back to the starting position 10 times.


Bend and extend 10 times. Focus on keeping the thigh lifted, while the bottom half of the leg is the only thing moving, as well as flexing the hamstring.


Flex the foot and pulse the leg up 20 times.


Bring the knees together then lift and lower straight out to the side 10 times.

206. Chair squats

Using a chair or bench, with legs hip distance apart, squat, sit, then stand 15 times.


Repeat with one leg extended out. Do 10 each leg.


And that’s it! You’ll be feeling much less guilty about that 3rd slice of pie after accomplishing this workout. Although, you may need to repeat the whole process every time your reheat those leftovers.

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