Missy and Anja of BYOBfit™

Melissa “Missy” Paris and Anja Pierre are two certified personal trainers and new mothers. Shortly after they had their babies, they would casually meet up for walks (and talks) with their new babies, and pretty soon they realized how invigorating it was to combine these walks with strength exercises while wearing their babies and exchanging “new mom stories”. Onlooking mothers would stop and ask them if they could join in, and pretty soon the “BYOBfit™” baby-wearing classes were born. Here, the ladies of BYOBfit™  share their favorite clothes to exercise in.

When it comes to our unique babywearing strength training program, one thing is for sure: we are always on the hunt for high-quality workout clothes that will not only be suitable for a BYOBfit™ training but that will also look cute and fashionable- because, let’s admit it, you just feel better when you look good! 😉

Here are our top 5 choices for BYOBfit-friendly workout clothes:

Missy and Anja of BYOBfit™1) High-waisted Leggings
Aside from the comfort factor, we like high-waisted leggings. They are very functional for our type of classes. On top of being fashionable and cute, high-waisted leggings are so great because they will simply never fall below our hips, which means there’s no trying to pull up pants underneath a babycarrier. WIN WIN!
Brands to check out: Lululemon, Old Navy


2) High Quality Sportsbra
Obviously, nobody wants to worry about their boobs staying in place while exercising, but at the same time nobody wants to feel like they are being suffocated by a sportsbra.  We look for soft, fun to wear bras that keep everything in place so we can just focus on the workout and not on sportsbra malfunctions. We especially love Lululemon sportsbras because they are designed for RUN. Like lulu says…”keeps the bounce at bay.”
Brands to check out: LululemonOld Navy


Motherhood Maternity Nursing Clip-Down Sports Bra
3) Nursing Sportsbra
Since a lot of moms who are taking our class are still nursing, it is important to them that they have a high-quality, durable sportsbra, which will also double as a nursing bra. Our favorite ones are by Motherhood Maternity since they are durable, cute and very affordable.
Brand to check out: Motherhood Maternity


Missy and Anja of BYOBfit™4) Stylish sneakers
Our favorite sneakers to wear during our classes are  super light and support most foot types. We especially love the Nike Free but we will vary between models (let’s just be honest- we love them all!)
Brand to check out: Nike


Missy and Anja of BYOBfit™5) Zip-up Jackets
When we teach our classes outdoors and the weather happens to be chillier, our zip-up jackets come in very handy. We love the form-fitting look of the the lulu define jacket. It’s warm but breathable; and has a slightly longer fit so everything stays covered- even when we wear our babies!
Brands to check out: LululemonOld Navy

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