When my oldest, Rory, was about a year old I signed up for Citrus Lane boxes – which is a subscription product discovery service.  In one of my monthly boxes, I got a juice box holder and I thought it was genius. Plus all the moms at the playdates were ooh’ing and ahh’ing in envy when I busted it out at drink time and it’s always fun to be the mom that introduces something new to other moms in your ‘hood – especially something that is a lifesaver. You see, every single time you hand a toddler a juice box, the toddler will take it and squeeze it. That’s a given. The juice will then shoot out the straw all over his/her clothes and will require at least a shirt change if not a whole outfit. So the juice box holder was a welcomed fix.

There was one issue though and it was kind of a big one.  The juice box holder I had, as great as it was, only held a certain size juice box. This is pretty limiting because  – if you don’t know this – juice box designs have evolved; there are now big ones, small ones and even pouches. So now what? Enter the better mousetrap: MyDrinky™, developed by InchBug.MyDrinky™

MyDrinky™, was developed to keep children from inadvertently squeezing juice boxes and equally importantly, not being able to dump out their drink.


MyDrinky™ is the only product on the market that can accommodate the smallest 4 oz. juice box to the larger juice pouches.  The design of having a top and base finally solves the issue of keeping the drink in the holder.


The design is super cute and you can choose from four different colors of the MyDrinky™: Blue, Tangerine, Purple and Lime. My daughter picked purple and now refuses to drink her drinks in anything but her MyDrinky™.




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