Whenever we come across an adorable pajama company, we have to share it with all of you because…a baby can’t have too many pajamas, are we right or what? Plus, it’s even better when the company gives back to someone in need! Sammy + Nat is a classically lovely pajama company who is giving back to a family in need and we are thrilled to be introducing you to them today.

Sammy + Nat, founded by two sisters, sets out to create staple pieces in the softest, safest fabrics for the little ones in your life. Their hand-sourced pima cotton adjusts to your baby’s temperature, keeping them dry, comfortable and smiling. Classic silhouettes in soft hues and clean lines mean it’s easy to mix, match and head out the door. Their cotton is naturally hypo-allergenic, ideal for babies who are sensitive to allergies and prone to skin irritation.

Plus, their adorable clothing is eco-friendly, as they use pima cotton, which is from the earth. Its seeds are harvested by hand and cultivated in excellent growing conditions, found only in the coastal valleys of Peru. Seed by seed, this artisanal process results in smooth, silky-soft fabrics that stand the test of time. With every wash, the softness only gets softer, lasting 3x as long as any other cottons. You can also monogram Sammy + Nat pajamas, making them a perfect baby shower gift!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to share the story of Sammy + Nat, as the founder, Samantha, lost her mother to breast cancer at a very young age; when she heard about Mary’s Mom’s story, she knew she had to find a way to help, and we are sharing her story today. Mary is the rosy-cheeked, blond-haired 25-month-old baby girl of Lisa and Eric. She has an older brother, 16-year-old Dean, Eric’s son from a previous relationship. Lisa and Eric lead a simple, but happy life, making the best of limited resources. Last summer, Lisa’s life changed in a day. What was supposed to be a routine visit to the doctor for what she assumed was a swollen neck gland led to a series of tests that confirmed it as a lymph node, a classic symptom of Hodgkin’s lymphoma – Lisa was in Stage Three. The revelation was a blow, testing everything they knew and hoped for.

Besides the obvious emotional struggles and fear that surround cancer, there are so many additional drains that are not always as apparent to the outside world. How does the family keep going? How does dad do his job and look after the kids? What happens when you’re alone, with no support? What about lost income? And bills? The biggest stress for Lisa’s family is financial. In order to help Lisa and Mary’s family, Sammy + Nat is donating 20% of all proceeds on SammyAndNat.com to their GoFundMe page, Mary’s Mom. If there were ever a time to splurge on some new pajamas, this is it!

As Samantha, from Sammy + Nat says, “I’m moved by Lisa’s story, not just because she’s a neighbor and a friend, a woman struggling with adversity on multiple fronts, always with optimism and a smile on her face; or because she happens to be going through what I watched my own mother go through twenty years ago, and feel it viscerally; or because it just doesn’t seem fair that this should happen to a young mother with so much to give and so many plans to realize. I’m moved because I empathize—and because I think I can do something about it. It doesn’t take much to make a difference to someone in need, by easing the pressures as they struggle to make it to the other side of the challenge life has thrown them.”


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