Neat Solutions – have you heard of them? That’s the brand name but “neat” is the perfect word to describe this innovative portfolio of products that have been designed to help parents out throughout the day. These products are truly “neat” because they’re neat-o, cool and “that’s exactly what I need” kind of “neat.” And also “neat” as in the other meaning of the word: simply keeping it nice and clean. In this post, we’re pretty excited to show you how five real moms from the Gugu Village community use Neat Solutions and share how these products make life with baby much easier. Once you learn more, you’ll see why these might be better named as “Lifesaver Solutions.” From feedings to on-the-go to bath time, here’s a round the clock round-up of Neat Solutions products. (Spoiler alert: our Gugu Village moms say that the Sili-Stick Table Topper is now the one product that they can’t live without.)

Neat Solutions Feeding

7am Feeding Time

Mom of twins, Abby L., tries Neat Solutions’ Paw Patrol Bibs – These are an adorable way to keep your little ones clean while letting them “wear” their favorite characters. They clean up well with just warm water, but you can throw them in the washing machine as well. Also, my little ones have extremely sensitive skin and they did not seem to be too tight around the neck/chin area, which often causes rashes for us. We also tried a toddler bib, which has an extended covering on top of each shoulder.  It is a bit longer also, which helped keep our laps clean during lunch. After we were done eating, it was really easy to wipe this bib clean and it dried within minutes.

Mom of 2-year old, Shana S., tries Neat Solutions’ Sesame Street Bibs – Like most 2-year-olds, my daughter is currently obsessed with Elmo and Abby Cadabby. She also isn’t very keen on wearing bibs anymore either, even though mealtimes can still get pretty messy. This bib solves both problems – it goes over her head, so it can’t be pulled off like her velcro closure bibs and it has very wide coverage, so it helps keep her clean better than smaller bibs. The best part, since it has her favorite characters, I don’t have to convince her to put it on! 

Mom of 10-month-old, Lori W., tries Neat Solutions’ Bib & Burp Products –  My initial thought when I unpacked it was that it is quite small in size. However after using it I actually like how compact it is without extra fabric, which my baby usually paws at. The pocket is great too.

Mom of 1-year-old, Alyssa J., tries Neat Solutions’ Printed Coverall Easywipe Bib With Clear Crumbcatcher – This is super cute and generously-sized to cover more of my baby’s clothes while she is eating. I appreciate the extra coverage for my messy eater! The clear crumbcatcher is really useful for seeing right away what has been caught in the pocket so that I can clear it out after the meal without finding any squishy surprises later. I love how easy it really is to wipe the bib down, and the hook and loop closure is a lot easier than tying string too.

Mom of 3-month-old and 1-year-old, Sunny L., tries Neat Solutions’ Bib & Burp Products – The biggest positive for me is the velcro fastener behind the neck. It doesn’t have any of the scratchy, coarse velcro, keeping my daughter from grabbing/itching at the back. 

Neat Solutions On The Go



12pm and On The Go

Mom of twins, Abby L., tries Neat Solutions’ Sili-Stick Table TopperThe Sili-Stick Table Topper is hands down my favorite new product! I have never seen a silicone table mat like this, and it stays put on every surface I tried! My boys could not lift it up and it was so easy to clean. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for big messes! I am definitely going to add this table topper to my new list of must-haves for parents with toddlers who like to eat away from home.

Mom of 3-month-old and 1-year-old, Sunny L., tries Neat Solutions’ Sili-Stick Table TopperMy favorite item from this bunch!  It’s super sticky and says put. At home, it keeps my tabletop clean, because my older child is really into smearing things around. I love the size of this mat, and after meals I just peel it up and dump in the sink. So great for eating out, too. It rolls up pretty small, and could also be folded to make it more packable. I am always scrubbing restaurant tables when I get there to try to get them cleaner for her food to sit on, and this makes the process so much easier. It’s big enough to cover any area in public her little hands could reach and keep her food germ-free.

Mom of 1-year-old, Alyssa J., tries the Neat Solutions’ Sili-Stick Table TopperThis is my new best friend for meals out of the house with baby. I don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of our dining table when I can make sure the Sili-Stick is a clean surface for baby to eat off of. I also don’t have to feel guilty about baby making too much of a mess at the restaurant. All I need to do is wipe it down at the end of the meal and be on our way!

Mom of 2-year old, Shana S., tries Neat Solutions’ Potty Toppers – If you’re like me, the thought of your little one sitting on a public toilet makes you a bit squeamish, to say the least. The Potty Topper is the perfect solution! These plastic liners adhere to the seat, keeping wetness and germs away. Plus, they’re oversized so little bottoms and hands stay well protected from any yuckies that might be lurking. (Editor’s note: we love that these Potty Toppers are eco-friendly too!)

Mom of 10-month-old, Lori W., tries the Neat Solutions’ Neatnik SaucerThis thing came out of my dreams. We had lunch with a friend and her baby this weekend and I used this with the high chair the restaurant provided and it fit perfectly. We are a baby led weaning family so things typically get very messy at mealtime and I loved being able to contain everything. It was also easy to fold up and clean when we were finished. I love love love it. My friend asked for the link so there’s another fan too!

Neat Solutions Bathtime

6pm Bathtime (and bedtime prep!)

Mom of 3-month-old and 1-year-old, Sunny L., tries Neat Solutions’ Bath Robe – in the picture, my daughter is petting the robe and was thrilled to put on something soooo soft after her bath! She would pat/pet it and then smile at me. It’s so cozy and warm, and perfect for wrapping her up to get from the bathroom upstairs to her room downstairs, rather than carrying her in a damp towel. The design and color is very cute and dark blue suits her! It had enough fabric to cross in front and tie without leaving a drafty space.

Mom of twins, Abby L., tries Neat Solutions’ Bath Robes – We tried on our bathrobes both before and after bath time. They were super soft and added in a warm change of routine after bath time. Plus the adorable animals/patterns just added to the cute factor.

Mom of 2-year old, Shana S., tries Neat Solutions’ Bath Robe – There’s nothing cozier post-bath for your little one than a snuggly hooded towel – until they hit toddlerhood. When my little one kept sprinting from the bathroom wearing her hooded towel like a superhero cap, I knew it was time to switch to bath robes. I love the Fleece Bath Robe. It’s super soft, cozy, and comes in four different designs. Plus, there are also coordinating washcloths, hooded towels, and bath wraps.

Mom of 1-year-old, Alyssa J., tries the Neat Solutions’ Whale Applique/Print Coral Fleece Bath Robe. This is super cute for both boys and girls. It’s very soft and fluffy! It kept my baby nice and warm after her bath. The robe is generously sized for younger infants, so they won’t be growing out of it too quickly!

Mom of 10-month-old, Lori W., tries Neat Solutions’ Hooded Towel in Friendly Elephant – This hooded towel is so cute and does the job.

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Thank you to Neat Solutions for making this sponsored post possible. Although the Gugu Village moms received products in exchange for their respective feedback, all opinions are their own.
Note: This post contains affiliate links.


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