On the market for a new baby monitor? Check out this Evoz Monitor Review from our friend and Gugu Concierge expert, Amber Michel, founder of Your Milk Shoppe

When opening the package what I noticed first was how compact the device is, which means the installation is super quick and easy. Can we say parent WIN??!! Because of its simplicity and easy install, traveling with this Evoz monitor is super easy, as all you’re packing is the one device that syncs up directly to your phone app that acts as your personal monitor.

Evoz Monitor Review

Because this device is married with your phone, you have a bit more freedom to walk around with phone in hand acting as your very own monitor. Again, this is a major win for any parent who does not want to sit in one place, monitor in hand, with the fear of losing reception and the screenshot of their baby. You can truly go anywhere in your home, back yard included.

Evoz Monitor Review

Evoz provides you with a lot of helpful parenting tools for your baby’s sleep patterns; it helps you get a better idea of how long it takes your baby to fall asleep. It also helps you determine how to respond when your baby wakes up at night through an option called “cry alert” and that can be sent to you via SMS, Email or Push alerts. You are truly plugged in, even when you’re not staring at the monitor, and that is liberating.

Evoz Monitor Review

What I enjoyed most when using the Evoz monitor with my little one was that I wasn’t the only parent dialed into the app on my phone. My husband could also access it on his phone. (And, keep in mind, when we are using this app, we can talk to our little ones through our phones, soothing them back to sleep). And get this, when I wanted to take a bath, I was able to relax and take a bath while my husband could keep an eye on the baby while she slept (or didn’t 😊). There is total freedom in sharing the parenting responsibility at bed time!

Evoz Monitor Review bottom line: Evoz Vision WiFi Video Baby Monitor is a great pick for modern, connected, working parents.

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