True that May is the month of Mother’s Day but it is also National Mental Health Awareness Month.  We believe that creating a self care routine is truly key to a mother’s health and wellness. Gugu Guru has partnered with new mom and founder of Solly Baby, Elle Rowley, on a fourth trimester wellness beauty guide rounding up some of our favorite products to help a new mother pamper herself in the early stages of motherhood and keep herself feeling well. Read on for Elle’s picks…

She will be engrossed in her newborn but a new mother should never underestimate the emotional impact of putting even the tiniest bit of effort into her appearance and well-being. Feeling even somewhat put-together can make one feel more productive and confident, and those are feelings every new mom needs in the first few weeks following delivery.

ARROW Hydrate Deodorant
Its formulation is both aluminum- and alcohol-free making it safe for breastfeeding mothers and, more importantly, it works. (Birchbox, $9)

goop Discovery Set
Essential to self-care routine; especially ideal for moisturizing and refreshing a mother’s skin when dehydrated from nursing. (goop, $125)

goop The Mother Load
Packed with beneficial ingredients like sardine oil, which is shown in studies to defend against mood disorders including anxiety & depression, and coconut oil for increasing the levels of lauric acid and capric acid in breast milk, creating milk rich in health-promoting nutrients. (goop, $90)

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
Offers cleaning, rejuvenating and moisturizing for slackened skin. (Glossier, $40)

BIRCHROSE+ Co Body Polish Dry Brush and Dry Brushing Oil
Exfoliates, improves lymphatic drainage, increases the release of toxins, promotes softer and lighter skin and generally encourages new cell renewal.All of these benefits are amazing in the 4th trimester when you won’t yet have the clearance to work out and you’re movement is limited. (BIRCHROSE + CO, $28)

Shiva Rose Rose Moon Sea Salt
The best treat for your first bath post baby – so beautiful and smells amazing! (Shiva Rose, $60)

CONTEXT Come Clean Lipstick
A mix between a hydrating chapstick and a lipstick; offers full coverage without the dryness of standard lipsticks. (CONTEXT, $20)

Tubby Todd Mama Bundle
Bundle of three essential, natural products: hand cream, balm and refreshing spray, are essential for nourishing skin during early motherhood. (Tubby Todd, $49)

Moon Juice Spirit Dust
Edible beauty for re-balancing your energy. Great to add to your favorite hearty smoothie recipe in the morning. (Moon Juice, $30)

Function of Beauty Haircare
Developed using custom ingredients for your often fickle and unpredictable postpartum hair. (Function of Beauty, $36)


Elle’s Picks

Feels the best: Glossier feels like a splurge

Use the most: Tubby Todd

Easiest: Arrow Hydrate Deodorant -if you do nothing else

Treat Yourself: goop Discovery set



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