With the busiest travel season coming right around the bend of the year, we wanted to share some of our top travel picks for you, mama – these are must have items to make your travel experience as a mom just a little easier and in style, too. Check out our top picks for travel gifts for moms, these make fantastic baby shower gifts for any new mom who loves to travel! Check below for exclusive Gugu Guru discounts, as well! 

Sofia Fima Handbags: When it comes to travel as a mom, it seems as though there is never enough room to hold all of baby’s travel gear, all of your mama necessities, not to mention any work items you may need! Enter, the Sofia Fima Handbags, which help you effortlessly go from office to off-duty. Created by moms for moms, this handbag is your ultimate utility bag, which also happens to be made of gorgeous leather – ideal for work, mom-life, and of course, traveling! We’ve written about Sofia Fima in our Mom Style Gift Guide, but today we wanted to explain why they’re a must-have bag for travel, too. What makes Sofia Fima bags completely unique and ideal for travel are their one-of-a-kind organizers; these organizers, are made exactly for your different life needs, work, mom-life, and a mix-of-both – and easily snap in and out of the Main Squeeze Tote, making it easy to shift gears in your life in a cinch! The three different organizers, The Chief of Staff Organizer, the Momager Organizer, and the Senior Associate Organizer, are all made from super luxurious 100% wipe clean nylon handcrafted in the United States. These are ideal for travel, since each organizer has a different set of functions to help you stay organized. Whether you are traveling for work solo, or baby in tow, you’ll love having the essential organizational help from your Sofia Fima Main Squeeze Tote and organizer (or organizers) of choice! If you’re traveling for work with your family, bring the Momager and Chief of Staff organizer with you, and simply snap one out for the other when you’re off duty for the day – no worry about spilling formula on your work papers that way! The Sofia Fima Main Squeeze Tote is a truly special baby shower gift for a mom-on-the-go in your life. Use Coupon Code GuGuGuru for 15% off everything in your cart.

Teat & Cosset: When it comes to travel style for breastfeeding moms, we’ve found the ultimate must-have clothing item for any nursing mama. Is there anything more necessary for travel than a comfy sweatshirt? The Teat & Cosset Gemma Sweatshirt has everything you need for a perfect travel style accessory; made from 100% cotton, the sweatshirt features natural fibers which are gentle and safe on baby’s delicate skin. But, the coolest part of these stylish sweatshirts are their two hidden zippers which provide discrete, easy, and fast breastfeeding access anywhere including buses, trains, planes, and boats! The Gemma sweatshirt is comfy and cozy – with a relaxed fit and cotton fleece for keeping you warm during your travels. Each piece in the Teat & Cosset collection is made in Italy, Extremely innovative when it comes to yarns, fabrics and machinery, Italians have adopted the best of garment engineering and combined it with the highest hand tailoring skills to create quality garments. As a hard working mama, you deserve the best in style and comfort, but at a price point you can afford; the Gemma Sweatshirt is under $100, which makes it a perfect gift for your favorite mama friend or yourself! Available with stylish snaps or zippers, and in a variety of modern colors, the Teat & Cosset Gemma Sweatshirt is a must-have travel item for breastfeeding mamas. Use code GUGU15 for 15% off at Teat & Cosset. 

Marama Naturals Calendula Spray: When you’re traveling with baby, it seems as though everything is always sticky, sweaty, dirty, or prime time for dry-skin! We have the the perfect travel companion for both baby and mama – the multi-purpose Calming Calendula Spray from Marama Naturals.  Calendula is touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to improve and hydrate skin, and for speeding healing. It restores and cleanses. Marama Naturals has made calendula even easier to use with this convenient spray, which you can throw into your diaper bag. Combined with other therapeutic oils, this powerful, but gentle, spray is perfect to cleanse baby’s diaper area, and keep baby feeling clean in a natural way. If you’re traveling, this is a must-have item for both mom and baby; you can spray directly on the baby’s diaper area, or even use a baby cloth or wipe to apply the comforting liquid. Need hydration or a facial toner? This is great for that, too! You can even skip the baby’s drying bath and use the spray as a quick baby wash. If you’re on the road sans bath, it doubles as a no-rinse wash for baby, and keeps your skin feeling hydrated and clean, as well. Plus, who doesn’t need an extra reason to de-stress? The natural ingredients with soothing qualities of Calendula help to de-stress and reduce redness in your skin, so if you’re stuck in the car with many miles to go, simply spray this convenient bottle from Marama Naturals and feel at ease, clean, and refreshed!

Cold-Fix For Children: While traveling can be a true joy and a lovely experience, doesn’t it always seem like someone picks up some sort of sickness while traveling? We’re big fans of Cold-Fix for Children – formulated to help relieve cold and flu symptoms. Cold-Fix was brought to the U.S. by Dr. Shahram Jacobs, a father of 3, after nearly 20 years of popularity and success in Europe and Asia. It is a physician-formulated and doctor-approved remedy that helps to temporarily relieve cold and flu symptoms (congestion, cough and fever) and works to strengthen the immune system to help prevent sickness in the first place! It’s safe for kids six months and older and is a non-drowsy, homeopathic formula free of artificial dyes, gluten, and sugar. Plus, it has no reported side effects or interactions with other medications. Cold-Fix for Children is the choice for parents who are ready to help their children make it through cold and flu season – happy and healthy! For anyone who loves to travel – this is a great gift they can take with them to help their little one feel his/her best on every adventure! Use code cfguguguru for 25% of your order (expires 1/1/2019). 

ToteSavvy: The key to being able to travel with a baby is organization – so, how does one stay so organized with a baby in tow? ToteSavvy! The ToteSavvy Deluxe transforms your regular totes into an organized masterpiece, chock full of spaces, pockets, and more to hold everything you need in exactly the right place. We love that the ToteSavvy Deluxe works with all of your totes from pre-baby life, so you can still use them, even when they’re full of diapers and bottles! Having everything organized will keep you feeling less stressed on your flight or travels, and everything is super easily accessible as well. ToteSavvy Deluxe holds unique features no other bag organizer has including a laptop sleeve, zip-top insulated cooler pocket, and rose gold hardware. We love that the ToteSavvy has eleven total multi use pockets, so if you’re traveling with baby, traveling solo, heading to the gym, work, or for fun – there is a pocket for everything you need, and you can switch your ToteSavvy from one tote to another without any muss or fuss! Use code GUGU for 20% off your order. 

LugBug Handle: If you’re traveling with a baby, it can get very heavy, very fast carrying the carseat with the baby around from place to place. We came across the LugBug Handle years ago and it is still one of our very favorite must-haves for traveling parents.  Baby carriers can be tough on the arms – so tough that daily lugging can put parents at rick of strain-related injuries, chronic pain, and even accidental drops. In fact, nearly half of parents experience shoulder, back, and neck pain due to the strain of lugging a baby carrier. The LugBug handle is a helpful device which attaches to you baby carrier and offers a range of better, more comfortable (and enjoyable) carrying positions that support your arm and wrist. The creator of LugBug, a first time dad, set out to design a sturdy and easy-to-use handle designed to keep parents comfortable and kids safe. The handle’s innovative and ergonomic design reduces tension on the shoulders and arms for a more comfortable lugging position. If you’re out and about with a baby carrier, the LugBug is a must have necessity for your family!

Unbuckle Me: One of the most frustrating parts of travel is getting the kids in and out of the car seat – but, we found a way to ease up the whole production of the carseat drama with the new Unbuckle Me. UnbuckleMe is the award winning solution for anyone who struggles with car seat buckles! So, how does the Unbuckle Me work? It easily slips around the buckle and uses leverage to make it 50% easier to unbuckleDoes not attach to the car seat & works on ANY car seat buckle. The Unbuckle Me was invented by a Grandma with arthritis (who is also an Occupational Therapist) and her daughter (a mom of 2 toddlers!). UnbuckleMe is intended to be used under adult supervision, which means it should remain out of reach of children while the vehicle is in motion. It is recommended that you store in a convenient location that is easily accessible, like the side door pocket of your car. UnbuckleMe includes a small loop on the “neck” that can be used to attach it to a convenient location, such as a key chain or diaper bag. This would make a perfect stocking stuffer or new mom gift – keep one in every car and make travel just a little easier on yourself! Head to their website and use code ‘guru’ for 15% off. 

Travel Tray: When it comes to traveling with kids, it seems like there is always a toddler in the backseat asking for a snack! How can you solve this snacky problem? With Travel Tray! Travel Tray extends your current cup holder to hold your cup PLUS a tray to hold food or toys. Travel Tray fits into car seats, strollers, outdoor chairs; anywhere a standard cup holder is utilized! Made in the USA, easy to clean with a wipe and dishwasher friendly! Travel Tray are made in the USA, easy to clean with a wipe and dishwasher friendly, making it easier on parents. Plus, the Travel Tray is BPA, PHT, and PVC-free so it’s safe for your little snacker in the backseat. You won’t want to leave home without your Travel Tray, perfect for all trips, whether just down the block or across the country. Use code GURU for 20% off and free shipping on any order through 12/31/18. 

Earth Mama Mini Deodorant 4-Pack: It’s no surprise we are huge fans of Earth Mama, their products are ideal for pregnant moms, post-partum, breastfeeding and beyond. So, when it comes to travel, no one should be without their Earth Mama Mini Deodorants! Four flavors in one box! Earth Mama’s mini deodorants are travel-savvy and squee-cute. Pop one in your purse, the diaper bag, your gym bag or keep one in your travel bag – they are the perfect size for road trips or flights! You get all four flavors in one fun-filled box! Refreshing ginger-lime Ginger Fresh Deodorant, tangerine-y Bright Citrus Deodorant, unscented Non-Scents Deodorant, and fresh, soothing Calming Lavender Deodorant. Think you’re too sensitive for deodorants with baking soda? You got another thing comin’! This formula was made for extra sensitive skin with the perfect balance of baking soda and magnesium. Just enough to work, not enough to hurt.

Thank you to Sofia Fima, Teat & Cosset, Unbuckle Me, LugBug, Earth Mama, Cold Fix, Travel Tray, Marama Naturals, and ToteSavvy for making this sponsored post possible! 


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