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Gugu Guru loves the MAM Perfect Pacifier. When it comes to safe sleep, industry experts consider pacifiers an absolute essential.  A study conducted in 2005 determined that use of a pacifier during naps and nighttime sleep reduces the chances of a baby suffering from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by 90 percent.  With all nipples, there is a chance your baby may not accept a certain shape.  This can be especially frustrating with bottle feeding and pacifiers, and may force some trial and error before you discover the nipple your baby prefers. This is just one of the reasons we love the MAM pacifier line; the pacifier’s unique nipple with MAM’s SkinSoft™ silicone surface is so soft and feels more like mom that it is accepted by 94% of babies.

MAM has just introduced new designs for the brand’s signature MAM Perfect Pacifier including a new glow in the dark night range.  We can speak from real experience on our love for the MAM Perfect Pacifier because Gugu Guru’s founder, Monica, was a loyal customer to the pacifier for both of her babies.   You can see what Monica has to say about the Perfect in this video overview:

This launch comes with the announcement that recent clinical studies prove that the MAM Perfect Pacifier supports healthy teeth and jaw development, and in a recent study, the MAM Perfect Pacifier was shown to be the tooth friendliest of any pacifiers tested.

Why is this the case? The MAM Perfect Pacifier’s ultra-thin neck is 60% thinner and four times more flexible, making it the thinnest and most flexible pacifier on the market. Therefore, teeth have more room to grow and the risk of misalignment is reduced. The ultra-flexible nipple also makes soothing easier for baby.

The new designs for the MAM Perfect Pacifier are available exclusively at Babies R Us stores and online.


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