The days after a baby is born are so jam packed with emotion, that it’s vital to have everything you need ready and prepared for when the baby comes home. We call those early weeks with a newborn, “Newborn Lockdown,” it’s all about feeding, sleeping, and getting adjusted to life with a baby. We asked our baby planners what their number one products are for Newborn Lockdown – did you use any of these items? What would you add to the list?

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Ashley Akselband of Wellsprings Birth & Baby:

Product Pick for Newborn Lockdown: For breastfeeding mommas – Lanolin! It’s SO important to stock up on a few tubes of lanolin and keep it near your regular breastfeeding locations (the nursery, next to your bed, the couch, etc. – there will be many times your baby will fall asleep after nursing and you won’t feel like getting up to retrieve it, so get a few tubes!) I always recommend Lansinoh HPA Lanolin – it’s the #1 recommended nipple cream in the United States. A pea-sized amount usually does the trick and is safe for both mom and baby – no need to wipe it off of your sensitive nipples prior to feeding!

Abby Ludwig, Gugu Guru Registry Consultant:

Product Pick for Newborn Lockdown: If we’re talking for the babes, I would definitely recommend the Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play (especially the one that rocks itself)! As much as you love holding your newborn baby, it’s always necessary to have a safe place to put them down. It folds flat (great for small spaces!) and has an incline, which allows baby to rest comfortably next to you. If we’re talking for the parents, my husband and I asked family for gift certificates to our favorite local delivery spots. This allowed us to put dinner on the table, when the last thing you want to do is cook. Add in a bottle of wine and you’ve got a nice date night!

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Victoria Zimmerman of Aspen Baby Planners:

Product Pick for Newborn Lockdown: The first month or two home are all about recovering from birth – for both mom and baby! – so we suggest lots of rest, love, and coziness!  Get a smart watch – it’s worth the financial investment mamas! – for all those times your phone is just out of reach but your baby has finally fallen asleep on your chest and you’re desperate to text your best friend! Consider a baby seat like the Skip Hop Uplift Bouncer – it’s up off the ground so your baby will be able to see you more clearly while her vision is still developing and you won’t be straining your back as your body is recovering! Use the Owlet Baby monitor for night time sleep so you can both get optimal rest.  It’ll help you feel confident your little one is breathing safely without checking on her every few minutes (we seriously love this product!).

Jessica of The Birth & Baby Company:

Product Pick for Newborn Lockdown: Order in – food subscription boxes (blue apron, hello fresh, etc…). This way you get a healthy meal and it helps with keeping the routine of having to make dinner. Grocery delivery! Many places with deliver right to your door. You can add just about anything to your order that you would typically buy from that store. If doorstep delivery isn’t an option, you could have a friend or family member pick everything up with their pick up service. Amazon! You can buy pretty much everything on Amazon and it’s shipped right to your door. They even have a subscribe and save for diapers. They will mail out a box of diapers every week or however often you need. Hulu/ Netflix. Hang out of the couch and binge watch a whole season of your favorite show. A postpartum doula. A trained professional to help assist your family transition into parenthood.

Lauren Daylami, Charleston, SC, Your Milk Shoppe Consultant:

Product Pick for Newborn Lockdown: My #1 has to be the Guava Lotus Bassinet/Travel Crib. Once the baby outgrows the bassinet it converts into a crib. The whole thing is super compact and fits easily into small places. So easy to travel with!

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Ginny Lawler, Atlanta, GA, Your Milk Shoppe Consultant:

Product Pick for Newborn Lockdown: Hatch Nursery changing table. It weighs newborns every time they’re changed to help moms keep track on their weight, and can also track all of the diaper changes. They also have a nightlight/sound machine that can be a great breastfeeding light.

Gugu Guru Team:

Product Pick for Newborn Lockdown: Netflix! Don’t have a Netflix account? You need one now – you’ll be spending many, many long hours rocking, feeding, and shushing a baby, the least you can do is binge watch The Gilmore Girls while you do it! (We highly recommend Dawson’s Creek and Felicity, too!). A Netflix account makes a wonderful baby shower gift, as well – mama can even watch on her phone late at night!

Baby photos from Pics and Paws Photography

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