As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and in the case of The Ollie Swaddle, a mother did indeed invent a unique swaddle blanket because she knew it was necessary in order to help her baby thrive. The Ollie World, started by a single foster mom, knew that if she could get her foster son to sleep better at night, it would help him flourish and thrive. She was a woman on a mission, and with the help of a pediatric neuro-developmental psychologist, she invented the unique Ollie Swaddle.

As The Ollie World founder says, “As a trained social worker, my experience in infant mental health had acquainted me with the timeless technique of swaddling. However, to both my and Oliver’s distress, the swaddles available on the market didn’t seem to help. They either didn’t hold him correctly, were not strong enough to apply a comforting pressure, or they left his legs unwrapped.” So, The Ollie Swaddle was created in 2013 in order to address all of these issues and help all babies “flourish from conception to crawling.”


What makes The Ollie Swaddle unique? Since it was created with the guidance of Ollie’s pediatric neuro-developmental psychologist, both the mental and physical aspects of the swaddle were addressed in creation and development of the swaddle. Because of the gentle way the swaddle wraps baby, yet with a comforting pressure, it eases the transition for baby from womb to real world. Because of its snug comfort, The Ollie Swaddle will help decrease irritability and fussiness and increase the ability for baby to self soothe and calm themselves down to fall back asleep.


With custom designed moisture-wicking fabric to reduce the risk of overheating, your baby will sleep more soundly and comfortably. Need to change a diaper? No worry, diaper changes made accessible via opening at the bottom. And, unlike most baby products, because of the velcro closures, this swaddle will grow with your baby, so no need to buy in different sizes as they grow.


One of the main reasons The Ollie Swaddle was created was because a baby was having trouble sleeping for long periods, therefore, not giving their body time to rest, heal, and grow. With The Ollie Swaddle, a baby will be able to not only sleep for longer periods of time, giving their body time to healthily grow, since they will be getting the important sleep every baby needs. A well rested baby tends to eat better, therefore, by using The Ollie Swaddle and giving babies a chance for rest, it is allowing them to flourish and thrive in all capacities.

all3Furthermore, because of it’s unique design, the swaddle decreases the risk of hip dysplasia, as it is never too tight, yet always comforting. The Ollie Swaddle helps regulate a baby’s temperature, which will also help them sleep better. With so many swaddle blankets on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick one to use; however, considering all of the significant benefits of The Ollie Swaddle, it is plain to see why a parent would always pick one!

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