Little Moon Society is the labor of love between two lifelong friends, actress and lifestyle expert, Haylie Duff and veteran children’s clothing designer, Jessica Frank. The moment these two became mothers, they knew they wanted to raise thoughtful and unique children; Little Moon Society was born from that ideal. Each piece in the Little Moon Society collection is handmade in Los Angeles, California, using only the highest quality materials. Children express themselves through play, so wearability and durability are at the heart of each article. Like the constantly changing phases of the moon, children are always evolving. Haylie Duff and Jessica Frank are here to chat about being mom-bosses and how and why they started Little Moon Society.

You can find Little Moon Society on their website, Facebook, and Instagram

How and why did you start Little Moon Society?

Haylie and I have been best friends since we were teenagers. Haylie is such an incredible business woman, having her hand in so many different ventures: Real Girls Kitchen, acting, blogging, being an author – that design was just a natural next step for her. I have a lot of experience in design and have been in the kids clothing space for a decade now. Before we started Little Moon Society, I gave Ryan, Haylie’s 2 year old little girl, some clothing from my last brand. Haylie fell in love, and felt inspired to see where a joint partnership could take us, and the rest is history.

Where did you come up with the name?

Choosing our name was a true collaboration. We were hanging out one evening, talking about our love for all things moon and stars. We kept going back and forth, and thus Little Moon Society was born. We really wanted a name that would reflect all the phases of a child’s personality and the moon has always reflected that feeling for us.

How do you balance work and family?

I don’t know if it’s as much of a balance as it is a juggling act. Our kids are our #1 priority, and everything else comes second. We’re lucky because our kids are also best of friends, so we can get together and have the kids play while we work. It’s amazing what mamas can get done in an hour or two!

What’s the best part about being a “Mompreneur” and running your own business?

The best part about being a mompreneur is making our own rules and our own schedule. We don’t feel that there is a separation between our business and parenting our girls. Our children inspire every aspect of our business. Our designs come from what we wish for in their closets. Our fabrics come from what they feel is most comfortable and cozy on their little bodies. Our manufacturing decisions come from our love of supporting local businesses (our manufacturer is a family owned and operated business!). My 3 month old daughter Sloan comes with us to every meeting and appointment. It’s such a blessing for me to work and still be able to be with her full-time. Haylie’s daughter Ryan was a big inspiration for our summer collection and one of our models. She wears the pieces from our collection every day and we love how comfortable she looks playing and running around in them.

Little Moon Society is a reflection of our personal passions and beliefs. It’s important to us to give our children the best of everything – love, food, clothing, and so on. LMS was founded on this philosophy – the highest quality materials, made with love and care in Los Angeles, with pieces kids will love to wear and moms will love to dress them in

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