best prenatal vitamins 2018

Hey, Everyone – it’s Monica here, founder of Gugu Guru.  I know what you’re thinking, “Best prenatal vitamins? Aren’t all vitamins the same?” Quite simply, the answer is no, absolutely not. Today I want to share a vitamin company that you may have heard of already. It’s called Ritual and the brand just launched its new prenatal vitamin. At Gugu Guru, we think these are the best prenatal vitamins available today and the best multi-vitamins for women. Period.

best prenatal vitamins

If you take a vitamin every day, like 50% of Americans do, whether you’re pregnant or not, you need to check out Ritual. Like now. So what’s the hype? I was seriously blown away when I watched the video on why Katerina Schneider set out to create a better vitamin.  When she was four months pregnant, Katerina turned her house upside down to get rid of products with ingredients that she couldn’t stand behind from her laundry detergent to her deodorant.  However, she had a hard time figuring out what was in her daily multivitamin.  Then when she dug a little deeper, what she found was profoundly disturbing in terms of all the – for lack of a better word – crap that are in the average vitamin. Newsflash: some of these ingredients aren’t just crap – they’re actually potentially harmful.

So Ritual was launched and the brand is committed to creating the purest, most effective vitamin formulations, and sharing every ingredient, source & scientist that makes its vitamin a reality.

best prenatal vitamins

Gugu Guru believes the Essential Prenatal formula are the best prenatal vitamins because they contain all of the essential nutrients for mom that support energy, mood, and even her fertility, for a healthy pregnancy from conception to delivery, as well as all of the essential nutrients for baby that fuel health-vital development, including baby’s brain, vision, immunity, and metabolism. These include:

  • Folate – Helps prevent neural tube defects (which develop in the first 28 days). Our bodies can’t store folate and our need is almost doubled during pregnancy, so it’s important to take it early and consistently.
  • Iron – Maintains healthy blood cell levels for oxygen delivery and energy support.
  • Omega-3 – Sourced from DHA, omega-3s affect mood and support on-time, healthy babies.
  • Iodine – Crucial to producing thyroid hormone, which helps baby’s brain development. We need 50% more iodine during pregnancy, and our bodies don’t store it outside the thyroid.
  • Choline – Newly classified as an essential nutrient for infant brain development.
  • Vitamin D3 – Influences healthy birth weight. Plus, the more vitamin D mom has during pregnancy, the better her mood, which may help prevent postpartum depression.
  • Biotin – Helps the body convert food into energy. Up to 50% of women may get less of this vitamin than they need during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin E – protects cellular structure, helping to protect against free radicals and oxidation.
  • Vitamin K – Supports bone and blood vessel health.
  • Vitamin B12 – Supports blood cell production and brain health.
  • Magnesium – Balances calcium, while supporting healthy mood and cardiovascular health.
  • Boron – Works with calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D3 to support their functions.

Essential Prenatal utilizes a proprietary delayed-release nested capsule technology to combine these essential nutrients in their most easily absorptive forms. The innovative delayed release capsule bypasses the stomach and releases its contents evenly in the small intestine, for better absorption and reduced nausea.

best prenatal vitamins

Another reason why we think these are the best prenatal vitamins? While most prenatals require women to take 5-7 large, often nauseating pills to satisfy all their nutrient needs, Essential Prenatal’s two, small, once-daily capsules offer a more pleasant experience. Essential Prenatal also contains a natural, lemon-essenced tab since citrus is commonly craved in pregnancy.

best prenatal vitamins

Priced at just $35/month, Ritual will provide soon-to-be moms with monthly deliveries of 60 impeccably-engineered, naturally lemon-essenced capsules (two pills per day).


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