See Kate Sew partners with Gugu Guru once again to share a fantastic DIY tutorial. This time? A DIY maternity refashion tutorial. Want to check out more DIY projects from Kate? Click over to see this list

DIY Maternity RefashionI am so excited to share this DIY maternity refashion tutorial. If you’ve wanted to try sewing for yourself, the maternity months are a great time to try it! Not only will you find yourself needing new clothing, no one will notice crooked sewing lines with a cute belly to focus on! Making your own maternity clothes is simple when you start from existing garments!

DIY Maternity Refashion and TWELVElittle

We partnered with TWELVElittle for this DIY maternity refashion post, this is my second TWELVElittle bag and I love it. I wanted a diaper bag that was a bit high fashion and this leopard print does it for me! It’s a perfect pop of pattern for an otherwise basic outfit and has all the nooks and crannies you need for mom life! You can enter to win this bag at the end of the post!

This sweatshirt refashion is pretty quick and I love the result – a dropped sleeve tunic with extra long sleeves and ruffles that look like bells! I started with a size 3X mens sweatshirt (and a second one for extra fabric!). You can find them at the thrift store or a cheap rack at Walmart. Pair it with maternity leggings and you’ll be set and cozy for all 9 months!

It’s just right to hug your belly and also perfect for loose postpartum wear during the new baby stage.

Let’s get sewing!


-2 Oversized Sweatshirts

-Coordinating thread

bell ruffle pattern


First up, cut off those sleeves! Follow the armhole seams and just cut the whole sleeve off. Do the same with the waistband.

DIY Maternity Refashion tutorial

Try on your sweatshirt and pinch under the arm where you want the sleeve to stop. Trying it on will insure that your sleeve isn’t too tight when eyeballing it. Stick a pin where you want to sew and take off the sweatshirt. Cut from the armhole down the side seam, taking in just a few inches under the arm and an inch or two on the sides. Taper to the bottom of the sweatshirt. You want to keep some fullness to allow belly space, but also contour it so you don’t look like you’re wearing oversized clothing.

Use the second sweatshirt’s sleeve to cut out the bell ruffle. Use the top of the sleeve crease as your fold.

Use the other sleeve for a second ruffle. Sew the raw edges together using a baste stitch, 1/2″ from the raw edges. Repeat 1/4″ from raw edges so you have two lines of basting stitches.

Open up the sweatshirt over the shoulder seam and flatter out on a table. Pull the baste stitches on the ruffle until they match up with the shoulder edge. Pin the ruffle to the shoulder on the right side with raw edges together. Baste to keep in place.

Turn what you have of the sleeve inside out. Trim from 1/2″ above the cuff up to the top of the sleeve. You want the top edge of the sleeve to match up with the shoulder edge since they are going together!

Sandwich the top of the sleeve over the ruffle and sew it on. The right side will be DOWN.

To finish the top, we just need to sew the side seams and then attach the waistband.

Lay the sweatshirt wrong sides out and match up the side seams. Sew from hem to cuff. Turn right side out.

Trim cuff so it isn’t as wide and sew the short edges together. Wrap waistband around the bottom hem with raw edges matching. Sew and press.



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