Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? It is the perfect timing to talk about the release of a book we have been so excited about here at Gugu Guru: Baby-Led Feeding by Jenna Helwig!

Baby-Led Feeding

Baby-Led Feeding (also known as baby-led weaning) explores the concept of focusing on feeding your baby a variety of healthy, wholesome solid foods, rather than relying solely on purées or finely blended, mashed food. The Baby-Led Feeding approach is thought to promote motor skills and establish lifelong healthy eating habits. For example, benefits such as easier integration into family dinner since babies can eat modified versions of what the adults are eating, which translates to less stress for parents and caregivers because there are fewer meals to prepare; baby’s recognition of and reliance on his or her own hunger cues and; a more traditional way to feed (the cavemen weren’t opening jars of baby food as far as we know.)

Jenna Helwig is not only the author but she’s also the food editor at Parents magazine, so you could venture to guess that she really knows her stuff when it comes to baby food, infant nutrition and feeding approaches. Jenna’s first book, Real Baby Food is one of our must-have essentials for starting solids, and a favorite of Foodie Mom and chef, Nikki Dinki. (Hint: It is also one of our top gender-neutral baby shower gift ideas.)

With more than 100 ideas and recipes, this book is a must have for all parents who love to cook. One of the things we love about Jenna’s books is they’re beautifully designed, and Baby-Led Feeding is no exception.  This bright, photo-driven book includes chapters on the benefits of this approach, when and how to get started, essential safety and nutrition guidelines, frequently asked questions, basic fruit and vegetable prep, more complex finger foods, and family meals.

All recipes in Baby-Led Feeding have been reviewed by a registered dietitian and include nutrition information to ensure a healthy mealtime.

We’d like to thank our sponsors at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for making this post possible.

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