Gugu Guru’s team is so excited to introduce you to Julie Bielenberg – our new travel editor! Every month Julie will be taking us on a new adventure in her “Have Baby Will Travel” series, and showing us her tips for traveling with kids and babies. Julie’s here today to introduce herself and stay tuned for her first travel adventure this January!


Have Baby, Will Travel!


That’s my motto, it hasn’t always been, but along the journey, it’s a ‘hashtag’ I’ve definitely begun to embrace. I’ve conquered dozens of flights with an infant, or toddler, or both, in tow. I’ve road tripped to three states in nine days and visited seven different hotels; I’ve attempted the adventurous lifestyle of baby and travel, and, it’s really not that challenging. More so, it’s almost addictive.

I used to dread every plane flight, new hotel room, in-laws sleeper sofa, car ride over 25 minutes, meal out in anything but the comfort of a suburban chain. However, after I realized my spirit was truly only enlightened with travel and children along, then I understood I needed to adjust my lifestyle and attitude.

Today, with the ease of the Internet, you can easily search how to travel with baby and get a list of items and places to go. However, it’s the once I’ve gotten there that’s sometimes a struggle, but usually overcome with success with the right equipment, attitude and tools. That’s the editorial, photographs, community and interaction we strive to give you at Gugu Guru. We want you to have baby, and travel!


Each month we expose you to various moments on the road, whether that be a taxi ride, plane ride, 10-day Caribbean cruise, 2-day slow travel train trip, we’re taking you and baby with us, and the best gear we can grab to get it done, while looking as stylish as possible. We want ease of travel and joy of baby while on the go, and expertly procured goods to make adventure and family even more lovable.

In November I am excited to introduce you to my family and the three little ones who have taught me everything I really need to know about travel—Hank the Tank, Dora the Explorer and Addy. my newest addition. Through their navigation of the foreign, strange, excitable and scary, I’ve become a slow and go traveler; I can enjoy the world through their eyes and still have a sense of adventure and fun, with family in tow and laughter, giggles, shrieks and tears as part of the ride.

Enjoy the incredible autumn. We were just remarking this morning how crunchy the leaves were on the way to school.  It’s very dry in the Rocky Mountains and it’s a spectacular assortment of red, yellow, orange and green. My dear friend who moved to New Hampshire this summer has told me that there is no better display of red in fall than Vermont. For our August 2017 travel issue we do a leaf peeping story on the best way to travel with baby and enjoy the leaves, so stay tuned while my girlfriend and I vie for best photos.

In the mean time, as we enjoy the autumn, we can’t help but get excited for the snow to fall and the skis to get waxed. Join us in January as we hit the slopes with the kiddos, for have baby, will travel, an our Colorado-born babies, they hit the slopes young, with the right gear, food and naps, of course!

Happy adventures and enjoy the leaves and first snowfall. 



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