Nanobebe bottles are much needed innovation in the baby bottle market. The basic design of the baby bottle has been the same since…well, it feels like forever. The idea of the long cylinder with a screw on top and nipple has worked for hundreds of years – and are ideal for formula feeding, but when it comes to breastmilk, Nanobebe knew there had to be a better way. When the Gugu Guru team came across Nanobebe Bottles, we were so excited to share them with you – they have truly re-invented the baby bottle in such an amazing way. Nanobebe is the first and only bottle designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients, without compromising on mom’s convenience and style!

Nanobebe Bottles

There are so many reasons that Nanobebe’s Bottles are unique and special; this is especially true when it comes to preserving the nutrients in breastmilk. Nanobebe’s reinvented style of the bottle spreads the breastmilk out into a thin layer, shaped more like an actual breast. Nanobebe’s unique surface area is geometrically designed to spread milk into a thin layer allowing it to cool twice as fast as standard bottles on the market which prevents bacterial growth. Often parents are in such a rush to warm breastmilk for the baby that they use boiling water and in doing so, are damaging the nutrients, enzymes, and proteins in the breastmilk. However, Nanobebe has a geometric design to spread milk into a thin layer, and therefore it warms quicker that all standard bottles and at safe temperatures; overheating is prevented and those precious nutrients moms work so hard to provide are protected.

Nanobebe Bottles

When it comes to transitioning baby from breast to bottle, Nanobebe makes it super easy; thanks to its natural, breast-like design, the Nanobebe feeding bottle makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. If a mother is going back to work and will be pumping, she will be at ease knowing her little one can easily transition back and forth from the breast to the bottle. Plus, your baby will love holding the Nanobebe bottle and learn to feed themselves. Its domed shape and concave base make it ideal for tiny hands, so babies only a few months old can easily hold it and learn to self-feed.

Nanobebe Bottles

Speaking of pumping, a breast pump adaptor is included with each Breastmilk Bottle package. Using the breast pump adaptor you can pump directly into the Nanobebe bottles using most standard breast pumps – very cool! We also love that Nanobebe bottles are anti-colic, as they feature a 360° venting system with two vents that release air even when covered by baby’s mouth, which reduces colic and keeps baby comfortable. The Nanobebe bottles are super easy to take apart and dishwasher safe, so less time washing a ton of bottles and bottle parts and more time for snuggling with baby. If you’re breastfeeding or pumping, we highly recommend checking out Nanobebe Bottles – and don’t forget to add them to your registry!

Thank you to Nanobebe for making this sponsored post possible. 


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