When it comes to making your own baby food, the process shouldn’t be stressful, as often parents are busy or holding a baby on their hip; but, the Mumum Baby Food Maker is the best baby food processor for busy parents and families, as it prepares healthy food for babies and toddlers with no mess or fuss! Check out more on the Mumum here, too.

We asked some of our Gugu Village parents to try out the Mumum and here’s what they had to say about it:

Lauren K.: The Mumum Baby Food Maker is a great addition to any parent’s kitchen. The machine is small and compact but holds a surprising amount of fruits/veggies. The ingredients can be quickly transferred from the steam basket to the blender without trouble or mess. In a little over an hour, I was able to prep, steam, puree and pack 84 ounces of various flavors of baby food without having to clean multiple machines. I like that the Mumum Baby Food Maker allows me to control and limit the ingredients in my baby’s food. I would highly recommend this product.

Denalee M.: I have a 7 month old son, Mikey, who has been traditionally weaned since he was 4 months old. Prior to ordering the Mumum I was just making baby food using own kitchen supplies (steaming or cooking as usual then pureeing in a nutribullet) and relying on some pouches. The Mumum has made making baby food so much easier and actually enjoyable. Even on nights when I am too busy to make food for my husband and myself making my son’s meal has been a breeze in the Mumum since all I have to do is chop and everything else is done in the machine for me. Mikey even seems to like the food better than when I was pureeing food I had cooked on the stove or in the oven.  Prior to the Mumum he wasn’t a big fan of chicken and this week I made chicken and carrots which he loved (I even sampled it and it was pretty good).

I do want to share what I think are the general pros and cons if you’re considering buying this product.
Pros: It’s fast (depending what you’re cooking the longest it will take is 25 minutes and then just a few additional minutes to puree); the machine is easy to clean, and it looks nice on the counter and does not take up much space.
Cons: everything needs to be chopped pretty small to cook up in the intended amount of time (although this is typical for baby food processors); you need to hold down the button when you’re pureeing (it would be simpler if there were some automatic options); the meat I made came more shredded than finely pureed although I probably could have blended it longer it was hard to tell while it was all in the machine. It ended up being the perfect texture for my son but I do wish it had been easier to tell the texture as you go.

Margaret W.: Upon opening Mumum, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. The baby food processor came in two boxes, which may seem a bit much but was good for me since the Amazon box it arrived in was damaged. Upon removing Mumum from the box, it seems the company put a lot of thought into the product. Included with the processor is the product manual, a steamer basket for cooking, a measuring cup, a splash lid, and a spatula for holding the steamer basket to safely pour out excess water after cooking. The cleaning process prior to steaming food the first time emits a good amount of steam, but the steam is minimal while cooking the food.

Mumum cooked chopped carrot sticks perfectly and made a smooth puree afterward. It is convenient to be able to use one product for cooking and pureeing with minimal mess. Mumum has a blue light that appears once the steam timer is set but only if the product is put together properly. The light is a good indicator to check for proper alignment of the parts prior to cooking. Mumum won’t cook if the parts are not aligned properly, and the blue light won’t appear. The timer dings audibly when the food is done cooking.

The process: The manual instructs to steam the product twice for 15 minutes to clean before using. I used the measuring cup, filled the water tank to the “15” mark with distilled water, and ran two cycles. After cleaning the processor, I peeled and cut one carrots into sticks to be cooked. I poured out the old water and replaced it with clean water and set the timer for 20 minutes as instructed by the image on the product itself. When the cooking was complete, I had soft carrots perfect for feeding my 9 month old. I left some as the were and used the blending function for the rest. The water left after steaming was more than enough to puree the carrots. I blended for about 15 seconds and had a good puree.

So far I like Mumum, and I look forward to using it to cook and puree meats and more veggies. I do have a problem with the user manual as it is clear that it was poorly translated from another language making it hard to follow. There are even words in the manual that are obsolete in the English language that I had to look up to find the meaning. The manual definitely needs lots of work. [Editor’s note: Mumum was made aware of this and is fixing it.]

Heather L.: The Mumum baby food processor is a must for parents that wish to make their own baby food! The all in one steam & process makes it easy to make & clean up. The Mumum has pictures on the timer that come in handy if you forget how long to steam a certain food. The Mumum makes the entire process pretty brainless to complete, which my sleep deprived brain appreciates!

Sarah G.: Today I tested out the Mumum baby food maker. First of all, it came packaged very nicely. The box it came in was easy to open and holds the food maker perfectly, which will make it easy to store when not in use. The actual food maker has a very sleek and simple design. It is not too big and did not take up too much space on our counter. The instructional booklet that came with it was very easy to read and understand. I chose to test it out now, even though our baby isn’t due for a few months. I am so glad I did because it takes a little to get used to. It was difficult to unlock the parts from each other, but after a few attempts, I started to get the hang of it. The booklet suggested to use the steam setting twice before actually using it to clean and sanitize it. Putting the water in and starting the steamer was very simple.

I decided to try making peaches, since I had a few ready to go. I diced them up and put them in the steam basket. The booklet suggested to steam them for 10-15 minutes. I started at 10 and that was perfect. The food maker was very hot from the steam afterwards. I let it sit for a few minutes and then took the steam basket out. It comes with a stirrer, that also can be used to lift and pour the steam basket into the mixer. This was very helpful, since the basket was still a little warm. Once the fruit was poured into the mixer and locked back into place, I really only had to click the blend button a few times before it was pureed. The consistency was perfect. The clean up was so easy as well. Overall, I am very satisfied with this food maker. Making our own food for our babies is very important to me because I want to know where their food is coming from and make fresh, healthy food for them. This food maker will help give me a piece of mind and keep it easy to do so.


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