We’re so excited to have a guest post today by our urban mama, Megan – she just delivered her third child and she’s here to tell you all about everything she packed in her hospital bag this time around! You can follow Megan at her hysterically funny Instagram, GirlGoneChildinNYC

Hi Gugu Guru Moms! I’m GirlgonechildinNYC and I just returned home from having my third baby in four years. Yes, I do not how it keeps happening. I’m a planner, an expert packer for vacations and a somewhat know-it-all when it comes to new mom products. Some women geek out on fashion and shoes, I geek out on new breast pumps. I work on the Merch Team over at Jetblack and my job is to know all the coolest new products coming on the market for moms and babies. I got a ton of questions about what I was packing in my hospital bag for baby #3 so Gugu Guru was nice enough to let me share all my top must have mom products for your hospital bag here.

The Hospital Bag: The Signature NONA Bag is my go to for everything parenting and as a bonus it’s beautiful. I use it for everyday essentials as a working mom to lugging the kids around the city. It’s even spacious enough for me to use to as my hospital bag for my personal items. You can see more about the NONA bag in our fashion gift guide, too.

A Soft Robe: I love a good soft robe that is also photo worthy and I love the cute designs at Pink Blush. This robe was a hit at the hospital by other moms and even the nursing staff!

A File Folder:  You go to the hospital with a ton of paper and you leave the hospital with a ton of papers. Make it easier on yourself by packing a file folder to store everything so you don’t lose any important information.

Slippers:  Comfy slippers are key to a good hospital stay. Whether you’re pacing the hallways before an epidural or taking your first steps after a C-sections you want to be in something comfy. I’m loving my new Birdies. These indoor/outdoor slippers are perfect for feeling like a Queen after delivery.

Portable Speaker: While I’ve had three C-sections I did do my time in labor with my first son at 57 hours and trust me, it would have been a lot worse if I did not have a portable speaker with me. There is only so much daytime TV one can handle. Also, if you get a cool doctor she may even let you take the speaker into the OR if you have a c-section. My middle child was pulled out of my belly to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl and my newest daughter was born to Ziggy Stardust blasting in the OR.

Pillow and Eye Pillow: I learned the hard way to bring my own pillow to the hospital. Hospital pillows aren’t known for being super comfortable and you’ll want as much sleep as you can get with a new baby. Luckily my favorite pillow, Night Pillow makes a Compression Travel Case that makes traveling with it super convenient. Also, don’t forget an Eye Pillow to help you get some shut eye.

Comfy PJs: Comfy PJ’s are key to lying around the hospital. I love my pajamas from Bestaroo and the V-neck makes it easy to breastfeed in.

Mom’s Going Home Outfit: When you finally make your escape from the hospital with your new bundle of joy don’t forget something comfy and easy to put on. I love a good cashmere matching sweat suit like the one I have from Design History.

Toiletry Bag: I love my toiletry bag from Hudson+Bleecker!

Under Eye Masks: I swear by a good under eye mask and my favorite is still Baggage Claim by Wander Beauty.

Brightening Essence: After labor or major surgery you’ll need something to brighten up your face and bonus if it’s all natural plus it works, Matrescence.

Dry Shampoo: We all have our favorite brand depending on hair type.

Waterproof Mascara: There will be tears and cameras. Regular mascara isn’t going to cut it.

Towel: Hospital towels are not known for being large and even though you’ll be feeling 10 lbs lighter you’ll still need a bigger towel than they offer.

Compression Sock: When you think compression socks you might think little old lady but Vim&Vigr makes the most stylish compression socks and you’ll need them for that postpartum swelling.

Corset: I’ve slipped a Bellefit on 24 hours after both kids were born even with a C-section. Corsets can help reduce swelling, they can protect and support the c section incision and also help with recovering from Diastiasis Recti which I unfortunately get having big babies. I also recommend purchasing some in several different sizes to help with your waistline as time goes on.

Diapers for Her: Yes we’ve all seen the horrified post by Chrissy Teigen but truth is the hospital underwear is awful and pads just don’t do the trick postpartum.

Stool Softener: Did you know most hospitals won’t let you leave until you’ve had a postpartum poop. The only thing worse about pushing a baby out of you or being split open is being expected to poop 24 hours later. If you don’t like taking pills might I suggest a nice smooth move tea as well.

Lollipops: If you’re in labor and at risk of having a C-section you’ll be cut off from food and water which isn’t pleasant when you’re having contractions. The silver lining? You’re allowed to have Lollipops. Don’t get stuck with Dum-Dums and bring the Yum Organics good stuff.

Mom Washer: I don’t have to explain why you need this but Fridababy makes a cutely marketed product called the Fridet so it makes the reality of why you can’t wash yourself a little less painful.

Ice Pack: This particular ice pack is not for your head, it’s for your vagina. I’ve never had natural birth but my girlfriends have told me Vagikool does wonders.

Femme Wipes: Parasol makes the cutest little wipes for women plus they’re flushable and biodegradable.

Nursing Pillow: The nursing pillow at the hospital is key if you’re planning on breastfeeding. The last thing you want to do after labor or a c-section is to get a cramp in your back. The Nook Niche feeding pillow is changing the game for nursing moms everywhere.

Nursing Bra: I first saw the Milx nursing bra a few months ago at mom event at Of Mercer. I love that this bra doesn’t have snaps and I can easily just pull the bra to the side and it also is pump friendly. It’s the most comfortable.

Nipple Balm: I always love the products from Earth Mama Organics and their nipple balm has always helped keep my nipples from cracking.

Nursing Top: Loyal Hana has one of the cutest nursing tanks with the hidden zipper design. You can’t even tell it’s a breastfeeding top. Plus you get a wow factor to other moms when you bust out your boob with  the hidden zipper in a public place.

Nursing Consultant: Boober is an NYC based lactation consultant who can come to you or answer questions over the phone about nursing. Even if you don’t live in the NYC area I recommend you finding a lactation consultant near you to help with breastfeeding. Especially with your first child and you’re new to the whole process. I personally find nursing harder than pregnancy and you had a someone help you throughout pregnancy why not nursing?

Swaddles: ErgoPouch is one of the easiest to use swaddles on the market! Plus they have adorable designs too.

Baby Hats: I always find the cutest newborn hats and mittens on Etsy or Monica & Andy have the best sets too.

Portable Sound Machine: Wavhello Soundbub is a product I will never stop raving about. I love multifunctional products and the Soundbub is a sound machine and portable speaker in one. Inside the womb is noisy so when the baby comes they aren’t used to the silence. The sound machine works wonders for this transition.

Sleepers: I always bring several sleepers for the baby to change into after birth.

Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil is key to putting on the babies butt before they have their first poop. The Coconut oil helps wipe away all that sticky meconium.

Infant Car Seat: Always bring your infant car seat to the hospital for the ride home. A game changer car seat/stroller on the market right now is the Doona. It’s perfect for city living and hopping in and out of a taxi.

Something Instagramable: Even your ex-boyfriend who doesn’t post on Facebook posts a picture of his new baby, right? I always pack a cute swaddle and name tag to make that first picture extra adorable.

Going Home Outfit: Don’t forget to pack an adorable and seasonally appropriate outfit for the baby to wear home. My go to brand for the cold weather is Polarn O Pyret.


  • Camera
  • Extra Long Phone Charger (you never know how far away the socket will be)
  • SD Card Adapter
  • Laptop
  • Airpods

Nurses Gifts: I always pack a small gift for the nurses. Truth is: if the hospital catches on fire I want her to like me more than the girl next to me.

  • Coffee Gift Cards
  • Sephora does amazing $15 goodie bags
  • Matcha Sticks
  • Grab a gift card from a manicure place close by the hospital

Sibling Gifts: Becoming a Big Sibling is a lot for kid to adjust to. Sometimes a little gift from the newest addition helps ease the transition.

  • Big Bro/Big Sis Tattoos
  • Baby Doll Carrier
  • Big Bro/Big Sis T-shirt
  • Activity Book

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