We’ve found the perfect holiday gift for all of the high tech and technology-obsessed parents you know! New parents (and seasoned ones) are all about keeping baby healthy and safe, especially during the germ season of Wintertime. Luckily, UviCube, a new essential baby item, is here to keep the things your baby loves totally germ-free! It is the first of its kind in the U.S. market, to dry, store and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces exposed to UV light on items such as baby bottles, bottle nipples and pacifiers, but can also sanitize electronics, mobile phones, toys and other items your baby might like to touch or teethe on.

In the past, parents have used sterilizers and dishwashers to keep baby’s bottles free from germs and mold, but what about all of the other things baby may chew on or touch? UviCube uses direct UV light (without moisture or heat) to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria to sanitize bottles, pacifiers, mobile phones, remote controls…if it’s in baby’s mouth or hands, UviCube will keep it clean! UviCube disinfects using low heat infra-red light bulb to dry and ultraviolet light – this means there’s no worry about burning your fingers taking hot bottles out to use – safe for mama and baby.

Not only is UviCube important because it keeps the bottles clean and sanitized, but it helps keep mama’s brain organized, because there won’t be bottles strewn about the counters all the time! You can store the bottles in the UviCube and take when needed, keeping them ready to go at all times. Baby drop a pacifier or toy? Just place it in the UviCube and disinfect. It’s so easy to use and safe for baby, parents, and your house. No more boiling water for bottles, pump parts, and nipples, the UviCube is able to safely disinfect anything you put in it. Baby love to play with your phone, or toddler watches videos? Don’t let germs spread in your house this holiday season – the UviCube is there for your keys, phone, and anything baby touches, play withs, or gnaws on.

This holiday season, UviCube wants you to focus on your family, and less time on cleaning! Instead of spending hours washing pump parts, bottles, and baby gear – throw it in the UviCube and focus on the important things, like your loved ones. If you’re traveling this season, make sure to disinfect everything as soon as you get back home; just place in the UviCube and let the UV light work its magic. The UviCube is an ideal gift, for anyone with kids, as it’s not just a baby product, it’s a family essential, for keeping everyone healthy, happy, and clean, year round.


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