Adorable mama Morgan Suarez  is back for another fun babywearing workout post.  Today’s workout? Babywearing exercises you can do while wrapping holiday gifts!

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PS. We’re sort of obsessed with Morgan’s yoga mat – you can find this mat here

It’s no secret that women in general are born multitaskers. So when the holidays come rollin’ in, it’s time to break out those skills tenfold. Sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day for it all, so here are some simple workouts to do while babywearing and wrapping presents!

The Plié Squat:

Start with your legs apart, heels in and toes out, lower down into a squat with the knees tracking straight over the toes, and then lift. Do this 10 times.

Then, lower into your plie and lift and lower in tiny pulses 10 times.

Staying low in your plie, shift your weight to the right, bending the right knee and extended the left leg, then shift to the left. 10 times each side.

Parallel Squat:

Move your feet into parallel, and squat with knees going straight over your toes, then lift 10 times.

Staying low in your squat, alternate the feet, extending them forward and then placing back onto the floor. 10 each foot.

Then, with standing leg slightly bent, bend the working leg into a 90 degree angle and lift to the back, activating your glutes, then lower 10 times.

Then lift the leg up to its highest point and pulse it up and down 10 times.


With toes going straight forward and knees tracking straight over the toes, lower down into a lunge then lift 10 times.

Stay low in your lunge and pulse up and down 10 times. Repeat on the other leg.


Stand on your knees with toes touching and knees a little wider than your hips. Keeping the back completely flat, as if in a plank position, recline back then lift 10 times.

Then, twist to the right as you recline, lift, twist to the left as you recline, and lift 10 times each side.

Sit down on the floor with your feet in butterfly position, you may place a pillow behind your lower back for extra support, lean back, and then lift 10 times.

Then, recline twisting to the right, lift in center, and recline twisting to the left 10 times each side.

And that’s it! If you’re feeling extra motivated, repeat the whole process with each gift and you just killed 3 birds with one stone. Baby is asleep. The gifts are wrapped. And you got a killer workout. Way to go, mama!


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