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Looking for nursing pillows or feeding pillows? From the budget parent to the minimalist and more, in this guide we’ve rounded up the best nursing pillows and feeding pillows in 2018 for all types of parents according to Gugu Guru’s experts.

nursing pillows bobby

Gugu Pick for Best All Around Nursing Pillows: Boppy
This feeding pillow is the original, the most versatile and the most loved by moms and dads everywhere. Whether you are nursing, bottle feeding, working on baby sitting up, practicing tummy time or just need a place to lounge the Boppy is a great place to provide support for baby. Boppy offers a wide variety of machine washable covers including organic options and sells covers separately so you can always have one on hand in case of messes.

nursie nursing pillows

Gugu Pick for Budget Nursing Pillows: The Nursie Infant Feeding Pillow
Now in a licensing partnership with leading breastfeeding brand, Lansinoh, the Nursie Feeding Pillow  is super easy to slide on and off and can help perfectly position baby for nursing or bottle feeding. There are not straps or zippers to worry about on the Nursie and it is small enough to take with you while you are on the go with baby. The Nursie will help alleviate arm strain for mom and dad and make sure baby is comfortable while feeding without the bulk you can find in other feeding pillows.

Nook nursing pillows

Gugu Pick for Eco-Friendly Nursing Pillows: Nook Niche Pillow
Like some other pillows out there the Nook Niche Pillow can be used for breast feeding, bottle feeding, tummy time or support sitting but the Nook is made with luxurious organic materials. All materials on the inside and outside of the Nook are organic and the liquid and stain resistant cover is machine washable. The Pebble design on the cover and the soft-cotton filling ensure there is plenty of airflow so both mom and baby stay cool and dry.

Twin Z Nursing Pillows

Gugu Pick for Multiples Nursing Pillows: Twin Z
Invented by a mom of twins, the Twin Z is a multi functional feeding pillow that allows parents to bottle feed or breast feed two babies comfortably at once. The Twin Z is foam free, chemical free and allows you to make the openings smaller for smaller babies. While being used for nursing the Twin Z feeding pillow offers back support and can even be used as a maternity sleep pillow.

Gugu Pick for Minimalist Nursing Pillows: Beaba Big Flopsy
For parents looking to keep the number of pillows and oversized pieces of gear to a minimum the Beaba Big Flopsy is a great option. While pregnant the Beaba can be used as a maternity pillow to keep them comfortable and then when baby comes Big Flopsy can be used as a feeding pillow. The Big Flopsy offers a luxurious cotton and micropearl fill so it is easy to get mom or baby into a comfortable position. The Beaba looks so good you won’t even mind leaving it out on the couch for visitors. You may have seen the Big Flopsy in our JPMA Baby Show picks!

Shuga Bebe Nursing Pillows

Honorable Mention Nursing Pillows: Shuga Bebé Couture
We would be remiss not to mention one of our favorite feeding pillows – the Shuga Bebé Couture nursing pillow. Not only does this pillow come in a variety of gorgeous prints that will fit seamlessly into your home decor, there’s no wrapping, no wearing, no straps, no buckles, no hassle. Plus the gradual incline enables a natural nursing/bottle feeding position. Shuga Bebe Couture pillows are great for c-section mamas; the pillows reduce the pressure placed on sensitive incisions because they’re not “curve” shaped like other pillows. P.S. This was also included in our minimalist registry picks.

About the author:

Julie McCaffrey is a proud mommy to 3 kids, including one set of twins and owns BabyNav Baby Planners where she offers personalized consultation to new and expecting parents across the U.S.. She is a sought after modern baby gear expert, has been featured in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine, Fit Pregnancy, US News and World Report,  and loves to help moms and dads navigate everything from baby gear to creating their registry to preparing for multiples and  getting back to work.


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