Everyday Essentials with Babymoov

{Sponsored Post} Selecting everyday essentials for your baby registry does not have to mean selecting from boring products. French brand Babymoov reinvents the everyday life of parents by providing reliable, highly designed and technologically advanced products driven by parents input. Since 1998, Babymoov creates products to simplify and enhance the life of parents so they are able to spend more happy moments with their babies.

Read on to learn more about some of our favorite everyday essentials reinvented by Babymoov.

Everyday Essentials 1: Lovenest

Everyday Essentials 1: Lovenest

  • The Lovenest pillow is pediatrician designed for ultimate ergonomic head and neck support. It distributes pressure evenly over the skull while baby lies on his or her back. The pillow creates a cocoon-like holding effect that soothes and reassures the baby, while helping to promote healthy skull development and proper head shape.
  • The patented tilt and heart-shape of the Lovenest’s memory foam covered with soft, luxurious, breathable cotton fabric, provides style and comfort.
  • Portable and easy to use with all your baby gear, the Lovenest can be used from birth as an insert for a swing, bouncer, baby gym, stroller and more to maximize the head and neck support babies need.

Everyday Essentials 2: Duo Meal Station

Everyday Essentials 2: Duo Meal Station

The 5 in 1 Duo Meal Station was developed with parents to bring healthy nutritious meals for your baby quickly and easily. Perfect for minimalists, the 5 in 1 appliance steams, blends, warms, defrosts and sterilizes.

  • The Duo Meal Station makes up to nine cups of food and up to 25 meals. You can steam and blend simultaneously, making preparing nutritious vitamin-rich foods easy. Three speeds and a multipurpose blade creates just the right texture for each stage of eating. It also offers 10 programmable settings and a helpful audible alert when done.
  • Babymoov offers recipe suggestions for each stage on the blog and free app: Cooking Babyfood. With over 400 recipes and 150 cooking tips, there’s something for everyone.
  • Register your Duo Meal Station  on Babymoov’s website to benefit from a lifetime warranty.
  • Don’t be fooled by its name, because the Duo Meal Station is not just for meals. It can also be used for sterilizing baby bottles, pacifiers,etc., as well as warming up formula and defrosting your previously prepared food.

Everyday Essentials 3: Dream Belt Sleep Positioner

Everyday Essentials 3: Dream Belt Sleep Positioner

The Dream Belt sleep positioner is an ergonomic support belt that offers comfort while sleeping on your side.  It’s the ideal solution for pregnancy-related sleep discomfort.

  • The  two-sided support made of memory foam allows for optimum comfort while sleeping or just lying down.  With the Dream Belt you can sleep comfortably on your side; the side supports fill the gap between the mattress and the belly, allowing for comfortable sleep.
  • Elastic straps offer additional support for the growing belly and proper belly support is shown to relieve back pain and stress that can be experienced in 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  The Dream Belt grows with you during each trimester, with the velcro system in the back allowing for easy closure.
  • The machine washable Dream Belt is one size fits most and is designed with soft comfortable and stretchy fabric. It easily folds, is compact and portable for travel.

Everyday Essentials 4: Mom & b pillow

Mom & b is the first compact, adaptable maternity pillow. It is compact enough to bring it to work, to a friend’s or anywhere you go. Filled with microbeads for greater comfort and shape, it is used during pregnancy to comfort moms-to-be and after baby’s birth when nursing. The changing body shape of moms-to-be may cause pregnancy-related discomfort while sleeping, back ache, restless sleep. When the pillow is teamed up with the Dream belt, you will have the perfect combination for even greater comfort.

  • This pillow features a luxurious soft cotton fabric filled with microbeads for optimum positioning, comfort & support.  Its unique shape makes it versatile; whether you use it between your legs while you sleep or behind your back when sitting.
  • It also converts to a nursing pillow. Since it is multi-positionable, it is perfectly suited to all feeding positions, whether breast or bottle-feeding.
  • The removable machine-washable cover makes it very easy to always keep the Mom & b pillow clean. Separate covers can also be bought separately.

Everyday Essentials 5: Hygro+ Humidifier

Everyday Essentials 5: Hygro+ Humidifier
The Hygro+ Cool Mist programmable Humidifier, 360 degree rotation, 7 color soothing night light, easy to use touch screen and essentail oil diffuser will help keep baby comfortable.

  • The Hygro+ humidifier will put moisture back in the air allowing for better air quality for baby.  The whisper quite cool mist technology provides relief for cough, cold, nasal congestion, dry cough and sinus irritation and dry skin.
  • The 360 degree mist nozzle and essential oil diffuser gives the option to add your own favorite scent ( for rooms upto 215 sq ft.)
  • It’s adjustable and easy to program. The back lit touchscreen makes the Hygro+ very easy to use.  The panel displays the humidity and temperature levels in the room.

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