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It’s no secret that with a new baby comes many sleepless nights; however, we rounded up our top items which parents need to survive those long sleepless nights. We know that it can seem overwhelming to register for everything you may need for a baby; so, we’ve broken all the necessities down into your Top 5 Must Have Essentials for every category you may need. Today we’re covering the Top 5 Must Have Essentials for Sleepless Nights; don’t forget to add them to your registry!

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Micuna Flor rocking chair and the Nacelle bassinet: Get some help rocking baby all night with this innovation from Micuna! Use the Flor rocking chair and the Nacelle bassinet together to rock your baby with the magnets docking system. Put the bassinet in your left or in your right side at your convenience. You can also rock your twin babies easily with two Nacelle bassinets at the same time with the Flor rocking chair and its magnet docking systems. This is ideal for parents of twins, as you can rock both babies at the same time.

Bravado Dream Nursing Tank: If you’re going to be up all night nursing, why not feel good about yourself, too? We’re huge fans of Bravao, and the Dream Nursing Tank is no exception. The Dream Nursing Tank is the ultimate nursing bra and tank in one that provides full length style and full time support. Perfect to wear anytime, whether at home or on-the-go, when you’re pregnant or nursing. You can opt to wear it alone with your favorite jeans, or under a sweater with a cozy pair of leggings. It also comes in gray and black.

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ergoPouch: Even if baby isn’t quite sleeping, you’ll need a safe way to keep baby warm (but not too warm) at night. ergoPouch is ideal for this exact mission. The award-winning ergoPouch collection includes premium quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits available from birth to 6 years.  All ergoPouch products are made with natural fibers including Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Merino. ergoPouch products offer great functionality and versatility with swaddles that can easily transition to a sleeping bag, and sleep suits that convert from bags to suits with legs for easy use from bassinet to stroller. You can buy any of the ergoPouch sleep items at Babies R Us. 

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Angelcare AC517 Movement Monitor: Although you want to be by your baby’s side all night long during those sleepless nights, sometimes you have to put baby down! Angelcare Movement monitors will watch your baby all night long even when Mom and Dad can’t.  They monitor that your baby is sleeping soundly and will send an alert to you if your baby needs you. Angelcare Monitors make you less worried, so you can sleep too (eventually!).  Don’t fret, you can still keep track of everything baby is doing with Angelcare’s Movement Monitor. Angelcare’s AC517 touchscreen movement, video and audio monitor offers the only wireless movement sensor pad in the market and features activity tracking which reports on baby’s movement levels. The new wireless sensor pad goes under the crib mattress and can track subtle movements (like breathing, rolling and kicking) that audio and video monitors can’t detect. This means parents can truly monitor all of baby’s slightest movements. This touchscreen monitor from Angelcare offers the only wireless movement sensor pad in the market and features new data analytics that sense and track baby’s activity level.

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Baby Shusher: Despite popular belief, babies don’t actually need quiet to fall asleep! They are accustomed to the loud whooshing noises in the womb, and often sleep better with a white noise around them. However, it’s exhausting for an already tired parent to shushhhhh their baby all night long; enter, the Baby Shusher! This revolutionary product quickly soothes fussy baby with rhythmic “shush” sound. Inspired by Dr. Harvey Karp’s book ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block‘, the Baby Shusher will (hopefully) help lull your little one to sleep.

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PS. Don’t forget the number 6 essential for those long sleepless nights: a Netflix account!

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