Sara Haley is a pre and postnatal fitness specialist and creator of the award winning prenatal program, Expecting MORE and postnatal program, Expecting More®:The 4th Trimester Workout. Today she rounded up her favorite baby registry picks for a fitness loving family. You can find Sara Haley on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Plus, check out 5 Simple Prenatal Cardio and Strength Moves with Sara, and Get More Fit After Baby

1. A Big Comfy Yoga Mat: I’ll be honest I used to totally cheap out on my yoga mats and then I had a baby . . . 1) Things hurt that hadn’t hurt before and I needed more comfort. 2) Sometimes my baby would be there with me while I was working out and I liked having a space for just the two of us.  If a round one is too big for your space my favorite yoga mat is here.

2. Running Stroller: Even if you don’t run (which I don’t) a running stroller will make walks and working out with your stroller so much easier. I’ve tried a bunch but am definitely partial right now to the Bob. It’s definitely not cheap but so worth it, especially if getting outside is a priority.  Check out some of my favorite exercises for working out with your stroller: Stroller Workout for the Core, and Lower Body Stroller Workout.

3. Baby Carrier: Another great way to lose the baby weight!  I love the Baby K’tan. I found it during my second baby and it’s so breathable, fashionable and compact. It’s t-shirt material so easy to just stuff into a purse or diaper bag. Your baby will be super secure so you can do squats, lunges, and walks with ease

4. Belly Bandit Belly Wrap: Another item I discovered after my 2nd pregnancy that saved me! First of all, it’s great for anyone for helping your belly go down after pregnancy, but more importantly if you develop a diastasis recti, it will be so supportive in your healing process.

5. Expecting More: The 4th Trimester Workout: How could I not recommend these? They are the workouts I developed to help other new moms and moms-to-be to stay in shape and/or get back in shape during pregnancy and postnatal recovery. You can purchase the DVD on Amazon and read the rave reviews or for Digital Downloads visit

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