Amber Michels co-founder of Your Milk Shoppe talks about working with Cameran Wimberly to prep for the arrival of Baby Palmer. See Cameran’s baby registry here.

I so enjoyed meeting with Cameran Wimberly and assisting her with preparing for baby! Some main factors that played into her registry wants and needs were that she is a first time mom and she really was looking for gear that will be easy and straightforward. Although Cameran doesn’t think that she will be traveling a lot with her little girl, we took into consideration even the slightest bit of travel – such as a car ride to the grocery store or the baby’s regular check-ups with her pediatrician. Although they are not long, intensive trips, they can often feel like a daunting task to first time moms.

Some Cameran Wimberly must haves are: a good, reliable, easy to travel with diaper bag (she preferred a backpack that zips open and has adequate storage), an easy to use baby carrier (she was open to a wrap-style carrier and/or a soft structured carrier), an infant wearable monitor (this was huge for her as she was hoping it would bring her piece of mind when the baby was sleeping), and in the event breastfeeding didn’t work out, she really was in need of good go-to bottle and formula mixing and warming machine. The idea of bathing her little girl was semi-terrifying, as it is for most new parents, and we suggested the Puj Tub as a great product to have in her mommy tool box- not only does it set up easily in the sink (which is great because it is at waist level with mom), but it can easily fold up and hang on the back of your door to dry. As many first time parents are, Cam is very concerned with the baby’s safety and will have the baby sleep next to her bed in a bassinet for the first few months.

Bottomline is that Cam- like most first time parents we meet- is just plain nervous about all of the unknowns. However, as much as she is a bit anxious, we also love that Cam has come to peace with the fact that parenting may send her some curve balls. For example, she is absolutely wanting to breastfeed, but she is also totally ok if that doesn’t work out.

About Your Milk Shoppe
A Gugu Concierge network partner, Your Milk Shoppe is a group of certified Maternity Consultants and Child Prep Educators. They affordable services to moms such as Parenting Classes, Baby Planning, Product Recommendation, Local Referral Partner Lists and Nanny Placement. The goal is to support and empower moms, while ensuring a seamless transition into their new life that is parenthood. Your Milk Shoppe is the milk that keeps the moms alive throughout their parenting journey – because moms need milk, too!

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