First and foremost, this post is not sponsored. (Honestly, we are not even sure that ABBY & FINN knows about Gugu Guru – haha!)

So, we admit it: sometimes when a new brand comes out, we’re a little jaded. For example, there are so many diaper brands to choose from out there that when a new diaper brand hits the shelves, the Gugu Guru team says, “These guys better be doing something really different if they’re going to stand out in this category.” You see, there are a lot of fish in the sea when it comes to baby products – whether it’s disposable diapers, strollers or bottles. So you really need to bring your A game if you’re going to introduce a product in a sea of similar baby products.  That’s why we are loving ABBY & FINN – they’re standing out from the crowd and, quite simply, doing a lot of things right in our opinion.


Let’s start first with what ABBY & FINN is and what it has to offer: it’s a diapers and wipes subscription service. Here are six things we like about ABBY & FINN and what makes it stand out from other similar disposable diaper brands and subscription services out there:

  1. The products are high quality, super soft with high absorbency but also really, really affordable (if you’re currently using or planning on using disposable diapers, affordability is key because you’ll go through a lot of them.) In fact, the ABBY&FINN brand was founded on the principle that the world needs to be rid of “overpriced diapers.” Can we get an amen, parents?
  2. The line is natural – using no harmful chemicals or substances.
  3. You don’t have to worry about any kind of commitment or your credit card being charged even though you thought you canceled on time. Nope – none of that hassle. With ABBY & FINN, you can pause, cancel or edit at any time.
  4. The designs are crowd-sourced, which is just cool because, well, community rocks.
  5. Probably our favorite aspect of this service is just how customizable it is. You can choose multiple sizes in a single box because, as many seasoned parents can attest, babies grow and sometimes they grow so dang fast that the diaper that fit yesterday doesn’t tomorrow.
  6. Last but certainly not least, this is a company with an amazing mission. ABBY & FINN’s goal is to provide 1,000,000 diapers to families in need. With every subscription, they donate to these families and they’re at a little over one-quarter of their goal at the time this post was published.



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