Hey everyone – it’s Monica, founder of Gugu Guru. Today I wanted to share a new travel and diaper bag necessity that I discovered recently – the PlaneAire travel mist.  Here’s why I am loving this all-natural sanitizing spray.

We were officially days away from our 7-day holiday cruise this past December when I read an article in the NY Post about how to stay healthy on a cruise that lists tips and advice on how to avoid germs and illnesses like the Norovirus on crowded cruise lines.  It made me feel even more relieved that I had picked up a new organic sanitizing spray to bring with me on the trip called PlaneAire.

PlaneAire travel mist

PlaneAire Travel Mist is a surface & air purifying spray. Made from 100% organic ingredients, one spray of PlaneAire’s mist kills 99.99% of illness-causing bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, MRSA and more.

PlaneAire Travel Mist: What I Like

  • First and foremost, the ingredients and formulation.  I would not consider myself someone whose purchases are highly driven by whether a product is natural or organic.  However, there is something about many common sanitizer products that feels yucky to me. It could be the smell, it could be the formulation or the fact that the product does in fact use harsh chemicals. PlaneAire Travel Mist is made from a unique, proprietary layered blend of natural essential oils, Its ingredients were carefully selected for their antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It’s a safe, non-toxic product that contains no alcohol, bleach or harsh chemicals and has an herbal scent versus a chemical smell.
  • The size. The PlaneAire Travel Mist bottle is definitely made for, well, travel.  It takes up minimal space and is convenient to throw in your carry-on bag, your diaper bag or even your regular purse.

What I didn’t like: 

  • Overall, I love the PlaneAire Travel Mist product so there’s not much as far as dislikes go. My one big piece of feedback from more of a customer communication standpoint is that due to the essential oils, the smell is strong. When we used a little on the plane initially, the scent was too strong for the enclosed space. We didn’t want to bother other passengers so we didn’t use it to spray all the surfaces that we were planning to. Similarly when we used it at restaurants to wipe down the high chair, we were a little concerned about others in the restaurant because such a strong scent when people are eating food can be bothersome.  I think that PlaneAire should consider giving customers a heads up that PlaneAire Travel Mist can leave a very strong scent and perhaps use sparingly in smaller, enclosed places such as airplane cabins or in public dining areas.
Some things that may help with this:
  • Remember to shake the bottle a few times before use. This activates the oils and allows the mist to come out more evenly.
  • Don’t over spray. One good spray per section is good, for example, a tray table might only need 1-2 sprays. Your hands need one spray. A doorknob needs one spray.


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