One of our favorite parts of the year is researching and finding new products for our New Year, New Products post; this year is no exception, as we’re excited to introduce all of these awesome new baby and family products to you. Read on to learn more and check out some exclusive Gugu Guru discounts below. Insulated Bottle: Getting healthy and hydrated for the new year isn’t just for adults, but often is a family project! We’re loving these brand new insulated bottles for your little ones; the double walled stainless steel keeps liquids cool for up to 7 hours and warm for up to 5, so now your little one can stay hydrated whatever the weather. Often water bottles are necessary for daycare, preschool, travels, and hanging at home…but they are susceptible to leaking, especially when they are tossed on the ground by toddlers and kids! However, the insulated bottles are designed with an easy push button top opening and easy drinking silicone straw top, no leaks, no messes, no fuss! Your toddler or child will easily be able to open and close the bottle on their own without having to ask for help. The insulated bottles even include a little handle so your child can carry their own water bottle while at school or during your travels. They come in 4 modern colors and make a fun little gift for any special moment.

PopYum: Whenever the Gugu Guru team comes across a new product to make formula feeding easier on parents, we get really excited to share it with our audience. Life with babies can be hectic and chaotic, and often you can find yourself with a crying baby in one hand in the middle of the market and no easy way to make a new formula bottle. Worry no longer, parents, PopYum is here! PopYum is the only bottle that was designed to be used with one hand only so you can comfort baby or multitask with your other hand. How does PopYum work? PopYum stores formula and water separately in the bottle. When hunger calls, simply press the buttons (or ‘Pop’), shake a few times, and ‘Yum’! PopYum can be used with water or breast milk; the breast milk is completely isolated in the bottom of the bottle. Therefore, the breast milk never touches the leak points of the tip of the nipple and anti-colic vent until you press the PopYum buttons which releases the agitator and allows the breast milk into the nipple area, making it safe for baby, even on-the-go. PopYum is only made of 5 parts, which is the same number of parts as many regular baby bottles and has up to 60% fewer parts as compared to other formula making bottles! The wide design eliminates the need to for a bottle brush (you can just use a regular sponge) and it’s top rack dishwasher safe. PopYum is made of only medical grade silicone and premium polypropylene. PopYum is BPA-, BPS-, latex-, lead-, nitrosamines-, PET-, phthalates-, PVC- and TPE-free, meaning it is safe for even the smallest of formula fed babies. Imagine not having to put the baby down to make a formula bottle – pretty cool! PopYum would make a great baby shower gift for any new parent, or for yourself – it’s great for every day use, travel, and parents of multiples, too. Use code 10Guru10 for 10% off your order of PopYum. 

KinderPerfect: Being a parent is all about learning to laugh in the chaotic moments, and KinderPerfect is the perfect way to get those laughs going. KinderPerfect is the new card game that every parent needs; with 400 hilarious cards crowdsourced from actual parents, you and your friends can laugh at the challenges of parenthood, whether on game night, mom’s night out, baby showers, or family reunions. If you’re hosting game night, just reading the question cards to a room full of parents will get groans and stories before you even get to the answer cards. Heading to meet your mom friends for coffee? Bring KinderPerfect and see just how many commonalities you all have in your parenting horror stories. KinderPerfect makes the ultimate baby shower gift, and you should consider opening it up at the shower so everyone can share stories of their favorite parenting fail. KinderPerfect is very popular for family reunions as well,  as you can learn fun facts about your childhood and your parent’s own parenting skills without the crassness of other card matching games, as KinderPerfect is designed to be family-friendly PG-13 in case little ears are around when the game is played. Be the cool mom at the next baby shower you attend and bring KinderPerfect, plus use code 10OFFCards to get 10% off your order.

Scarlett & Michel Smart Baby Clothes: Who doesn’t love getting new clothes for the New Year? Scarlett & Michel, founded by parents, creates beautiful organic baby clothing which is also super functional and practical, too. Their smart footed one-pieces with additional attachable combinations you can easily snap on and off to make your life a little easier! You can actually snap on a bib and a pacific strap at the same time – no more having to change baby’s onesie immediately after spitting up or spilling, as the bib snaps on, so it won’t bother your baby’s skin at all – and don’t even think about losing that pacifier, as the paci-strap snaps on to the pajamas. If you’re heading out with baby, you can even snap the little bonnet on as well, so it can’t come off (or be grabbed off) on your travels. No more replacing hat after hat, as your little one can’t throw this hat on the ground. We love how functional these pieces are, and how smart it is to snap all the different attachments on and off the actual clothing. Speaking of the actual pieces, they are made from organic cotton and spandex, so they are breathable and stretchy for moving around. The pajamas have convertible hands and feet options, so no more cold feed or baby scratching themselves. Plus, you can have fun with mixing and matching all of the print options! The Scarlett & Michel pajamas make a super unique and functional baby shower gift, as new parents soon won’t be able to live without them. Use code Welcome10 for 10% off. 

LoveyLu: There are few things babies love more than their loveys and lullabies, which is why a genius mom had the idea to mesh the two into one. LoveyLu is a super soft and cuddly lovey/ security blanket that plays lullabies! Whether you are home or on-the-go, LoveyLu provides comfort and soothing lullabies wherever you may be. Using a rechargeable USB charging system, LoveyLu plays for 30 minutes at a time before shutting off, but can be reactivated for a total of 2+ hours before a re- charge is needed. The soft fabric and adorable animals are loved by babies and provides them a sense of comfort while they doze off. Lullabies are proven to help children fall and stay asleep, increase communication skills and regulate behavior. LoveyLu plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Brahms Lullaby, Beethoven and more classical favorites! The elephant LoveyLu makes a fantastic baby shower gift, new baby gift, or even first birthday gift; your little one will love how soothing the soft fabric and sweet sounds are, and you will appreciate how soundly baby can rest. Plus, we love that LovelyLu donates a portion of all proceeds to Children’s Miracle Network. Use code TRAVEL15 for 15% off your order and get singing today!

Colugo Compact Stroller: Called the “Warby Parker of Baby Gear”, we’ve been hearing about the amazingness of Colugo and their new strollers for a while now, so when we got the chance to review one and include in our New Products roundup, we were excited to introduce this super cool new stroller to you all! Colugo was founded by a father who was fed up with the high price of baby products, so he started researching on his own and developed easy-to-use, high quality and very affordable baby gear, including this Colugo Compact Stroller. Coming in 5 colors (you may want one in each color!), this compact stroller is a must-have for any new parent, as it is the only stroller that can be folded up using one hand, in two-seconds – and yes, our team tested this out and it’s true! It’s incredibly lightweight and has a built in carrying strap, so when it’s folded up, you simply can carry it on your shoulder – and is no heavier than an overpacked diaper bag. For our minimalist or small-space living parents, the stroller folds up in a small and compact size, so you can easily store in an apartment without tripping over it. It even comes complete with removable, machine-washable layers; which means one can be in the wash and one on the stroller, Colugo’s swappable layers make it possible to change up your look and freshen up their ride. For a compact stroller, it has significant storage space, and even has an easy-on, easy-off rain cover and UPF 50+ sun shade which keeps your baby safe from the elements. Whether you’re looking for an every-day stroller, travel stroller, or baby gift, the Colugo Compact Stroller is a game-changer for all families; made with both parents and children in mind, the Colugo stroller makes it easy to adventure into the world with your little one. 

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Thank you to Colugo, LoveyLu, Scarlett & Michel, for kids, PopYum and KinderPerfect for making this post possible – we are so appreciative! 



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